Trump gave power to the radical left

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    One thing i do blame Trump for is his rhetoric gave power to a group of radicals on the opposing side, radicals empowered and enabled by MSM and politicians. I think his policies on border, foreign affairs, economy, energy, healthcare, taxes were good overall, but his rhetoric gave rise to the inhabitants of the underworld, which i would bucket in a few categories:

    1. Marixists/communists. People who despise freedoms and free market capitalism. They want to spread their misery onto everyone, especially, the rich elite. They want to take from the top without earning it. They want a revolution. They spit on the constitution, the founding fathers and claim it is all illegitimate.

    2. Racists against whites. These are the people who do not want equality, they want retribution. They want white people to pay for what whites who did over 100 years ago did. They paint every white conservative as being racists, founding fathers as all being racists, America as being racist. They seek race wars in order to intimidate and via intimidation, punish whites and enrich themselves in the process. We have all seen how BLM leaders have enriched themselves by sowing discord, inciting race wars. Millionaire and race pimp Al Sharpton one of the faces of this movement.

    3. Criminals. Criminals do not want to be policed and seek more freedoms to terrorize. The fight against law enforcement has nothing to do with cleaning up police. It can be argued that our police force shows tremendous restrain as only around 20 unarmed blacks are shot a year (some justified) when there are millions of arrests and thousands of assaults against police every year. The fight HAS nothing to do cleaning up police but enabling criminals.

    All these people represent the bad apples of society and they want a violent revolution.

    Decades ago, politicians calling for defunding police, abolishing federal prisons (the squad recently proposed this), supporting open borders would be cast aside, isolated and not get any recognition. Today, they get support from MSM and given a megaphone.

    I believe Trump is used as an excuse to empower these people, it's sort of a reaction to his rhetoric. In the process, what is happening is that we are empowering the filth and evil people of society, the loud and radical minority. These people should be kept at bay. It's like the left is unleashing their most violent militants, to take the fight to Trumpers, as backlash to how Trump took the fight to them. Meanwhile, most of America, the people who go to work every day and live normal lives, sit on the sidelines, for now.

    This thanksgiving let's all give thanks to this Country and make sure we, the silent majority, squash this insurrection in next elections.

    In the wake of the Christmas parade killings, BLM protestor claims 'The revolution has started'

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