Tyler-Buchanan argument 1836 to tune of Jackson by the Cashes

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    Tyler: We joined this party in a fever hotter than tamale beans

    And you’ve been talkin’ ‘bout Jackson since the battle of New Orleans.

    I’ve had it with Jackson, can’t take no more!

    I’ve had it with Jackson, showin’ him the door!

    Buchanan: You’ll be nothing without Jackson, and the Whig Party don’t want you.

    You’ll soon find that without Jackson, your career will soon be through.

    You’’l come back to Jackson, tail between your legs.

    You’ll crawl to Jackson. I can’t wait to see your begs.

    Tyler: He destroyed the US bank first, now begins the Trail of Tears.

    We’ll have a panic very soon, and the worst of your fears.

    You can keep your Jackson. you’ll be the one who cries.

    You stay with Jackson, loyal til’ the day he dies.

    Buchanan: Jackson has done lots of good things, made the country bold and strong.

    We’ll stretch all the way to the Pacific, before very long.

    I love Andrew Jackson. He’s the best of all.

    I’ll stay with Jackson. Your party’s soon gonna fall.

    Tyler: I became President before him, but couldn’t get nothin’ done.

    The Whig Party never liked me, so I gave them both the gun

    But never returned to Jackson, couldn’t stand that man.

    Or his friend Van Buren, or this pathetic Buchanan.

    Buchanan: I kept working for the party, Van Buren, Polk and Pierce as well.

    But when I finally got my turn, everything got bad as Hell.

    I stayed loyal to Jackson, til’ the day I died.

    I stayed with Jackson, and at the end everyone cried.
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