You Are A Masterpiece

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    You are a masterpiece; true work of art
    And your whole being, and its every part
    Is masterwork of nature and mankind
    Which in you is accomplished and refined.

    Your hair, like hanging gardens of the queen
    Of Babylon, swing down, and in them seen
    Are ivy, cherry blossom, orchid, rose
    Blooming together in resplendor. Those

    Blue eyes, in which we see Monet, Renoir -
    The beauty fathomed specially from afar,
    That are more haunting, beautiful and true
    The greater distance between me and you;

    A nose that like a yacht upon the seas
    Engulfs the essence of the ocean breeze -
    That stays aloft in turmoil and in flood
    And sends the chastened air through the blood -

    The lips that like the opening to a cave
    Conceal a warm and delicate enclave
    In which the sparkling teeth and gentle tongue
    Lead food inside and air into the lung;

    A neck that like a Doric column stands
    Majestic, long and white; the lily hands
    That craft calligraphy and highest art
    Sustained by rushing turbines of your heart;

    A chest with pair of Taj Mahals adorned
    That puts all human craftsmanship to scorn;
    The voice, like a piano or a flute
    Resounds through many octaves or stops mute,

    The strands of spirit that are entertwined
    In the refining furnace of your mind
    That fills itself with majesty and love
    And forges them into a treasure trove:

    The legs like those of cheetah or gazelle
    Are elegant and long and run like hell;
    The stomach that like delta river's sand
    Is smooth and soft and tender to the hand;

    And terraced hills and paddies of your ears,
    And morning dewdrops of your gentle tears,
    And the Saharah Desert of your back,
    And the Forbidden Palace in its track:

    In you the world is manifest, in you
    Is sun and sky and every worldly hue,
    The flowers, stars and sculptures and the word
    Of masters and the dreamers and the Lord.

    I love you all; and, feeling with my heart
    Your whole entity and every part,
    I rise in passion and, inspired, fall
    Into the Sistine Chapel of your soul.
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    You show genuine talent. Re-listen to Leonard Cohen's "Suzanne" if you want to hear the perfect paean to a woman

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