You can't say you were never told the truth about Healthcare in America

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    What America needs today is what Europe has had for the past-fifty years! A National Healthcare System that is available to all citizens. As employed elsewhere, one that will give Americans a 3/4 year advantage in lifespan beyond that of today.

    Wakey, wakey America! You are being had-bad by the present privatized healthcare system that covers most health-insurance in the US. From here 'World Health Organization, "List of countries by life expectancy" - the US is in 40th place ..... !

    From the NCBI (National Center for Biotechnology Information): COVID-19 and Private Health: Market and Governance Failure

    Excerpt Abstract:

    The richest country in the world fails badly when it comes to adequate Healthcare Coverage (particularly during a national epidemic) for ALL its citizens. It's high time we caught up with the rest of the developed world (namely the European Union, the most similar to the US) in the provenance of a decent healthcare coverage nationally. To all and sundry regardless of colour, age or financial circumstance! It's NOW that America should adopt a universal National Healthcare System ... !
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