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Thread: Obama Gives Stern Warning To Putin

  1. Icon17 Obama Gives Stern Warning To Putin

    I think Pres. Obama should be a comedian. This speech on the Russians in Crimea is really funny:

    Speaking from the White House, President Obama commended Ukraine's interim government for its "restraint".
    'What restraint'? Kiev has no money and there are only two Generals on the Western side of Ukraine who are not Russian speaking.

    "Any violation of Ukraine's sovereignty and territorial integrity would be deeply destabilising, which is not in the interests of Ukraine, Russia or Europe," he said.
    Uhhh, excuse me you made a mistake, it's not in the interest of Ukraine and Europe period.

    "It would represent a profound interference in matters that must be determined by the Ukrainian people.
    Yeah right, in the way the Ukrainian people determined who should be governing them in Kiev.

    Now if Obama had any real concern for the Ukrainian people, he should have told Nuland to mind her own business and not to interfere. Instead she and others of her ilk deceived the people, and now that it's coming down to the basics of survival, the U.S. is butting out and leaving it to the other butt heads, the E.U.

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    The Russians and Muslims have learned that Hussain Obama is chicken.
    Qwa qwa qwa
    Palestine = Jordan

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    Quote Originally Posted by Jeannette View Post
    Yeah right, in the way the Ukrainian people determined who should be governing them in Kiev.
    This is what always bugs me the most about these undemocratic power-grabs. Forceful coup de tats are for when you don't have the will of the people behind you, so you need to circumvent the vote.

    And yet always, they invariably go on about how now they are going to establish democracy, and this is all for the will of the people and we need to put the people first and blah blah blah.. Then they have their little vote, fake or not, or maybe they do, and they're like, "finally the people have a voice." And it's like, they had a voice before, but YOU said that wasn't good enough and doesn't count! What's so much better about your vote than the vote whose result you insist must be thrown out the window? That last one was sanctioned by a constitution and yours was NOT! They overthrow democracy and say it's for the will of the people.. Unreal.. They just did the same thing in Egypt.

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    Appropriate headline should be :


    Anti-Obama-ites Rejoice

    Dang Ni88-er !!

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