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Thread: South Africa-Another Brutal Murder: Mother, Father, Son Executed In Their Home. Mothe

  1. Default South Africa-Another Brutal Murder: Mother, Father, Son Executed In Their Home. Mothe

    South Africa-Another Brutal Murder: Mother, Father, Son Executed In Their Home. Mother Also Raped. Suspect Arrested


    South Africa is our future if we don't get to work and save ourselves. Here is a short video I made about South Africa based on an essay I read here at Sf.

    A Warning to the United States from South Africa (NeoSpeech Julie. With C.C.)

    [ame="http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1PwprWHgsJE"]A Warning to the United States from South Africa (NeoSpeech Julie. With C.C.) - YouTube[/ame]

    Liberal Argument #54. Who cares if White people in South Africa are being killed. They shouldn't have gone there in the first place! They were invaders and now it is just payback.
    Look, white Christian Dutch people went in search of a land where they could create a new nation free from the religious persecution they had experienced in their home country. As white people colonized North America, so did we colonize the vast wilderness of South Africa. The white Dutch Europeans who settled South Africa starting in the year 1652, were the first humans to colonize that geographical area, as black people had not yet ventured that far South into Africa. However during this time there were a few scattered nomadic tribes of Bushmen and Hottentots, neither of which were Negroes. Bushmen were Sanids; and Hottentots were Khoisanids; neither of these two racial groups were Negroids. However, both of these ethnic groups virtually died out in 1715 and 1717 in two smallpox epidemics, with the handful of surviving members being eventually absorbed into the colored population. The first group of Black Slaves, imported by Jewish Slave traders, didn’t arrive in the Cape Colony of White South Africa until 1756, which was over 104 years AFTER White people had first settled the region. And it wasn’t until the discovery of Diamonds and Gold in White South Africa over 115 years later in 1871 that Blacks really started to pour into the White Nation. The Black migration was due to the Jewish Zionist collaborator Cecil Rhodes and his Rothschild backed team of co-conspirators who were importing Black labor from all over Africa with the intent to eventually destroy the country with people he knew had hostile intentions towards the White Nation. In October 1871, Rhodes and his brother Herbert left Natal, South Africa for the diamond fields of Kimberley. Financed by N M Rothschild & Sons, over the next 17 years Rhodes succeeded in buying up all the smaller diamond mining operations in the Kimberley area. His monopoly of the world's diamond supply was sealed in 1889 through a strategic partnership with the London-based Rothschild Diamond Syndicate. The Black miners, who were FOREIGNERS, were brought in from all over Africa. They came into the nation and worked on contract, but after three years they were intentionally turned loose on the nation, free to virtually travel where ever they pleased. This is how Black people came to live in White South Africa. Whites did not steal the land off of Blacks, but rather Blacks were lured into the nation as a source of cheap labor by agents of the Rothschild family. Just like how today’s Mexicans are being lured into the U.S. so that they can be used as tools of America’s destruction. In 1899, Rothschild controlled Britain declared war on the Dutch/Boer people, known as the English/Boer War of 1899-1902 to gain greater control of the nation. The Rothschild controlled British Army wanted to teach the Dutch/Boer people of South Africa a lesson that they would never forget. The British decided to round up over 150,000 Dutch Woman and children and imprison them in the world’s first “Concentration Camps” designed for women and children civilians. They allowed 35,000 of these Dutch/Boer people to die a horrible death by creating the conditions necessary for them to get Typhus and die from starvation. For more on this watch this
    [ame="http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=o8bhm7Gngkg&feature=re lated"]BBC: The Boer War - Part 4 - YouTube[/ame]

    The British fed the civilians very little, mostly rotten meat containing poisonous copper sulphate, grounded glass, fishhooks, and razor blades in the rations. As a consequence 35,000 Dutch/Boer woman and children died due to the inhumane monstrous British polices.

    The 20,000 Dutch/Boer warrior farmers who didn’t even have a National Army, came close to defeating over 250,000 professionally trained British Soldiers, but eventually lost the war to Zionist/Rothschild controlled Britain who engaged in such inhumane tactics such as their “Scorched Earth” (burning down the people’s homes) and murder through concentration camp policies. The Dutch/Boer people now had to endure the systematic dismantling of their nation. The Rothschild/Zionists/Communists then encouraged White farm owners to hire Black labor to help with the daily farm operations. Zionists continued to flood South Africa with Blacks from the north and together and coupled with illegal immigration and high Black birth rates, the Whites soon found themselves vastly outnumbered. Then in the 1970’s, most of the western world had engaged in Zionist engineered sanctions and embargoes against South Africa. The White South African’s were continually told by the Zionist media that they were "oppressing their Black populations". The White South African’s then looked at their accusers and asked "How are we oppressing them, for they have the highest standard of living in all of Africa?!” The whole basis of the dishonest Zionist attack was that the White South African’s had "stolen the land from the Blacks”, which was completely fabricated! (Sound familiar?) Today S.A. has approximately nine different Black ethnic groups in the nation, all of which are extremely hostile towards one another. The final nail in the coffin came when the Zionists destroyed the governmental system, which had ensured that South Africa would remain a first world nation. The Zionists, through their ill gotten media, created enormous amounts of unjustified negative public world pressure against the legitimate government of South Africa. During the 1970s in particular, the Zionists accomplished the attack via world wide boycotts, trade embargos, and outright lies in the media, where they eventually managed to successfully manipulate the White public into surrendering their political control of their country and handing it over to terrorist Black thugs of the African National Congress or the ANC for short, who had been indoctrinated to hate the white people’s very existence. Since the fall of the white government in 1994, known as Apartheid, which was created by Prime Minister Dr. Hendrik Verwoerd, South Africa has turned into a virtual war zone. A woman is now raped in that country every 30 seconds! Thousands of white South African people have now been murdered by blacks and the world has been trained by the Zionist controlled media to not give a (*)(*)(*)(*)! The whites in South Africa are in a struggle for their very survival, yet they aren’t allowed to fight back. Whites are being ethnically cleansed by having GENOCIDE committed against them in their own country which they created and founded. So don’t tell me that the descendents of the Whites who created the nation were invaders and that their murder is somehow justified as “payback”! The Jewish Rothschild Zionists have intentionally destroyed White South Africa, just like they are intentionally destroying America and every other white nation on the face of the planet. Our nations destruction, like South Africa, will continue to occur until the Jewish Zionists are confronted and defeated. South Africa is a living example of what our future holds if we don’t stand up and fight the Zionist Power Structure, which now engulfs all European Nations and the vast majority of all other nations. World Zionism, World Jewry, Rothschild Illuminati, or Marxist Communism, which ever name you prefer has become a deadly plague upon humanity which must be destroyed or European mankind will be obliterated. Continually raise awareness and expose Jewish Zionism by informing people in your community of its deadly existence and intentions.

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    Default Why politicize murder?

    As far as I can tell from the link provided, this is a case of murder, a suspect has been arrested and there is nothing revealed -no details to arrive to a conclusion regarding what actually happened.

    I don't understand the attempt to politicize the tragic murder of a family.

  4. Default

    Well when these types of South African farm murders become an everyday occurence id say it is not the WHite man politicising it .

    Id say it is the chosen media hiding these hideous crimes based on race.

    When you have South African statemen like Nelson(the terrorist) Mandela singing kill all the white people and the ANC saying when mandela dies they will kill all the white people are you surprised of the amounts of these murders that are happening?

    Are you aware of how many White people have been murdered since the end of Apartheid?


    That is why it is a POLITICAL ISSUE.

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