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Thread: scott e. 2 birther 500-1000 obama birth certificate fraud

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  1. Default scott e. 2 birther 500-1000 obama birth certificate fraud

    the birther issue has resurfaced at the same time i am faced with my old birther thread ending.

    so my challange continues to ask obots to show scientific evidence that the forgery online is real. which the president could easily do in one day. the same kind of evidence that is all over the web. or to debunk any exibit in dr. jerry corsi's book

    here is a link to a news agency that is reporting a birther story today as news, thus, a current event and world news cause they have it in u.k. as well.


    there are so many reasons why this story won't die, that's why there is a frenzy everytime it comes around. obama should be required to take a voluntary polygraph.
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