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Here are some of them from the past 2 weeks.

Gun Rights Supporters Rally Around Arrested Michigan Teen
was mentioned on This site

Banning Guns Higher Crime Rate
was mentioned on Vaapenrestriksjoner Oeker Kriminalitet

Will Raising Taxes Cause Rich Leave United States They Bluffing
was mentioned on If You Raise Taxes Will The Rich Will Leave The Country

Pentagon Hold Gay Pride Event
was mentioned on Pentagon Plans To Celebrate Gay Pride For Troops

Olice Kicked Out Belleville Denny S Being Armed
was mentioned on Dennys Kick Out Belleville Police For Being Armed

Armed Guard Gets Shootout Probably Saved Lives
was mentioned on Friends Gather In Old Sacramento To Mourn Shooting Victim

Opposition Grows Congressional Pay Raise
was mentioned on Opposition Grows To Congressional Pay Raise

Father Conn School Gunman Claims Body
was mentioned on Sandy Hook Shooters Former Babysitter Raising Money For Victims

Unselfish Monkeys Brain Cell Reaction Found Study
was mentioned on Unselfish Monkeys Brain Cell Reaction Found In Study

Christmas Shootings Chicago
was mentioned on Dead Wounded In Christmas Eve Christmas Shootings

Hispanics Targeting Blacks
was mentioned on Riots Break Out Between Black Latino Students At Victorville School

Syrian Rebels Retards Mentally Defective Deviants
was mentioned on This site

Shooting Crash Linked Assault Jordan Shoes
was mentioned on Rush For Shoes At Texas Mall Ends With Pepper Spray

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