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Thread: Green Industrialists Lining Up with the Donations for That Stimulus Money

  1. Default Green Industrialists Lining Up with the Donations for That Stimulus Money

    A rather depressing article today on the Daily Beast:


    Obama has opened up a whole can of worms of corruption under the guise of "green initiatives".

    "Green" Industrialists, disgusting rent seekers that they are, are lining up on both sides of aisle, making massive donations to politician's campaign funds in return for getting "green" grants similar to Solyndra, fake ass weatherization programs that cost a million dollars per "job" or per house "weatherized" and it turns out most of these homes are being shoddily done. One such home was done by an idiot who wound up spreading asbestos all over the home when he airblew insulation into an old home!

    Even John Boehner, to my everlasting regret, is now on the bandwagon and now I'm not sure I will support him now.

    Harry Reid is still one of the worst offenders, along with Obama, but its obvious now the "green" corruption is spreading and no one is immune from the cash grab. Companies are just sucking up money like vacuum cleaners on nothing but promises and fake projections and then splitting with the money right and left on the local and State Levels. basically, except for the road work funds, every other stimulus program was a complete waste!! No wonder the 787 billion in stimulus didn't stimulate anything. It was STOLEN. SYPHONED OFF by scum of all sorts.

    I still blame Obama and Dems largely because they opened this can of worms! Chasing Green Unicorns around the country. Politicians and staffers making up lame excuses for the obvious failures of these green initiatives.

    I'm just about done. This is getting depressing watching our nation, in the throes of the worst economic conditions in decades being sucked dry of every tax dollar to fund bribes. Where is the (*)(*)(*)(*)ing oversight? Isn't there ANYONE going and checking on these contractors and companies that are getting handed billions of dollars?
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  2. Default

    Its all about United Nations Agenda 21.
    They are setting up their public private partnerships ie Fascism, and they know that green jobs destroy real jobs, but thats the plan.

    3rd world America under UN social and political controls.

    Sustainable Development means wanted destruction for desired control.

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