Simple question. Who's rights does it violate for me to not pay for car insurance, if I don't want it?

Car insurance is only mandatory because Big Car lobbyists, like all Big Business/Corporation people, bribed the government into making regulations/rules that benefits them unjustly. You leftists will say "so burn the corporations!!" and you rightists will say "so burn the government!!" but I'd say that they're both equally as guilty; if I (corporations) pay you (the government) to shoot someone (make unwarranted regulations), whom of us is guilty? BOTH of us are guilty.

If I weren't FORCED to pay for car insurance, then car insurance companies would, rather than relying on me being FORCED to buy their product, have to ATTRACT me to VOLUNTARILY buy their product. They'd have to make it less expensive and/or give better coverage.

Now I know what you're thinking.

"But what if you wreck my car, who's gonna pay for it??"

Answer - First of all, if you have car insurance, they could pay for it if the coverage is good enough. You could theoretically sue me for damages, but then again this assumes that it was completely my fault. It wouldn't be as though I purposely went and (*)(*)(*)(*)ed up your car, so I don't think I should have to pay for 100% of that anyways; it would be unintentional. Also, you should have thought about that before voluntarily getting on the road and driving, knowing the risks. Personal responsibility, eh?

I refuse to let you limit my economic freedom in this instance, in order to salvage your security. PERIOD.

"Wouldn't they charge way more for cars then?"

Answer - The only reason why cars are so expensive now is because Big Car is in bed with the government. I'm forced to either drive an "authorized vehicle" or else not drive on the road. I could theoretically build my own vehicle that costed all of a couple/few hundred bucks if I wanted to, but Big Car and the government won't let that happen because Big Car wants to force us to buy their products, and the government lets it happened because they're being BRIBED by Big Car. If you deny this, you're a Corporate propagandist.

I don't see why anything else would be necessary to say in this OP. My point is either through your skull at this point, or your skull is too thick than to be penetrable.