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Thread: Alfonzo Rachel on OWS

  1. Default Alfonzo Rachel on OWS

    He makes some good points through out, especially 2:20 and on. I'm glad OWS is slowly losing relevance, I just hope they don't become desperate and start upping the ante.

    Political Correctness n.(Abbr. PC)- An acceptable form of thought control and suppression of free speech.

    Conservatives only fear change for the worse.



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    LOL. Full of crap. Typical arguments, if you don't like something go away. It is USA... I don't see any good point, just the typical nonsense.

    If you don't like it, why don't you go away. That is the greatest fallacy. Just I want to improve it. The same argument could be given to conservative, or whatever.

    Really I cannot see any good argument, only the typical things repeated one time and other time.
    Property is theft. NO GODS, NO MASTERS. AGAINST ALL AUTHORITY. apt-get install anarchism
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