In all seriousness, no one WANTS to hate anyone. No one chooses to be racist because it's fun or because there's something wrong with that person. Racists exist because we are disgusted by certain behavioral traits that are common within said race. These certain behavioral traits are a fact no matter how much ignorant anti-racists want to pretend otherwise. As a proud racist, I can vouch that my views exist because I am literally and utterly disgusted by uncivilized, violent, bad attidudes and actions. It has nothing to do with disliking a certain skin color or anything else simplistic like that.

Here's the thing, I believe what was discovered by that study in the link is actually curable. Medical treatment in the form of medicine that black "people" should have to take in order to control their natural, genetic, inferiorities. If a cure was developed and black "people" could join the rest of the human races as a civilized entity, then I am 100% certain racism would decrease to the point that it'd no longer be an issue within society. Because they wouldn't be acting like violent, sociopathic, subhumans intent on destroying civilization worldwide.

Which begs the question, why aren't scientists announcing this new discovery to the mainstream media and to the whole world in an attempt to create a cure to fix a problem (racism) that so many millions of bleeding heart liberals have their panties in a bunch about?