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Thread: London & Operation Trident

  1. Default London & Operation Trident

    If a small group of White Europeans were invited to live amongst the Pakistani people by President Asif Ali Zardari and that group started murdering, raping, robbing and destroying their capital to the point that they had to set up a special little police unit to deal with all the uncivilized behavior we brought to their home, I'd be thoroughly embarrassed.

    Black "people" were invited to Britain in the 1950s to give them a better life and concrete walls to live in as opposed to the huts made out of mud and feces they were already living in. To repay the White Brits, the blacks (who only make up around 3% of Britains total population) are killing so frequently in London that police have created Operation Trident at tax payers expense to deal with all the animalistic behavior blacks have brought to the capital.

    Where is their sense of embarrassment, dignity and decency?

    I can't imagine any group or race on the planet that could go to another foreign nation as only 3% of their whole population and cause as much trouble and destruction as black "people" cause. It's incredible how anti-racists tolerate them... unless they're pro-crime reprobates, of course...

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    Who do these so- called blacks commit most crimes against, so- called whites or so- called blacks?

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    Gangs behind a quarter of violent crime: 4,800 'soljas' in London blamed for rapes, murders and shootings

    158 arrests as 1,300 officers are involved in gang raids across the capital
    Gang members are stuck on a 'conveyer belt of crime', says Met Police Assistant Commissioner
    Half a kilo of heroin, crack cocaine and cash are seized
    1,000 officers dedicated to tackling gang crime, they announce today
    250 active gangs across London with some members aged as young as 14

    Last updated at 12:35 AM on 9th February 2012

    Statistics show that 84 per cent of gang members are under 24 and two-thirds of those are black males.

    England would be so much better off without the 3% black population who are committing well over half the country's violent crime.
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    Operation Trident did very well to convict these violent black criminals...

    Elliot Omozusi ------------------------ Shane Drew ------------------------ Jamal Francis


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