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Thread: How can God die?

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    I think I have the answer.....

    "Once upon a time...

    {Insert Bible/Tor-rah/Koran of choice here}

    And they lived happily ever after."

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    It was the body that died. Not the spirit.
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    Quote Originally Posted by OJLeb View Post
    A body is disposable, not killable. It's YOU that die, not your body. So, if God put himself as a human to die, then God must have died for your sins, or... played a trick on you?

    Well, I would expect there would be an explanation of it since this is a fundemental belief in the Christian faith.

    So he became human, died, then became God again, and resurected himself as a human?

    Sure, nothing is impossible for God, but in my opinion that isn't a good explanation for something so important in a religion... "Because he can" doesn't seem like a good answer to me.

    To think God would let people kill him, seems very insulting. To think God would let human beings humiliate him like that, seems unbelievable to me... No offense.

    To die one needs a soul, a life, not a body. God was the soul and life in Jesus' PBUH body. So, it was God that must have died, right?

    So, is Jesus PBUH God, or is God just using Jesus' PBUH body? This is all so confusing...

    But Christians say Jesus PBUH is God. And 3 days later, whoever it was that died on the Cross, came back from the dead.

    But there must be an explanation of how this happened for people to believe it so much...

    I see so many people say Jesus PBUH was The God, some say Jesus PBUH was God in flesh... Which was it? I am honestly very confused...

    That was directed to who? The people or God?


    But if God was dead, who brought God back from the dead? How did everything work if there was no God for three straight days?

    This could be used by athiests to argue against God...

    Yes, I have seen both today. There are some which refer to Jesus PBUH as God, and others which hint at God being a seperate being, some saying Jesus PBUH was the son of God (himself?).

    um you can kill a body Christians some of them anyway believe in souls and spiritual beings that exist as part of the body but can also exist apart from it i would guess god would be a soul with lots o magic powers

    so god could die but to at least some christens death is not the destruction of the self and not as a big deal

    now some one having to have their body die so god wonít have to be mad at us sound like bull(*)(*)(*)(*) to me itís not like believing in Jesus means you have acted other then you have so baptism the entire atonement thing ya i call bull(*)(*)(*)(*)

    well ok it may not be bull(*)(*)(*)(*) god could just be compelled to act hat way by its nature but its senseless to me

    ya it seems like a weird thing for god to do i agree but like iv said anything a powerful enough god dose doesnít make sense to me

    Humiliation and caring about insults makes sense to us weak humans were vulnerable a god could get away not caring about what nay one else thinks ( a horrifying thought for me ) because no one has the power to do anything it doesnít want done.

    I think the biblical and Koranic gods are despicable in there storyís sometimes but if they actually exist i have not humbled them no matter how many people i can get to agree with me unless they feel the same way about themselves

    again it doesnít make sense to me either and the moral judgments of the gods still seem arbitrary

    but i donít see any inconsistency in god incarnating and dying and coming back to a body

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    Quote Originally Posted by OJLeb View Post

    So God is both God and human?
    Yes, Jesus is fully God and fully man.

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    or maybe god is all knowing and as such never had to create things separately form itself at all

    and were all just characters in gods imagination ( a perfect imagination thatís contains every detail and is just as good as something separate )

    God being Jesus might just be god inserting its main personality into a character in its own story

    not Christian theology as far as i know though and not what I think is the case either but a daydream universe would make it easy for god to do that maybe god just enjoys a good Immersive drama

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    Quote Originally Posted by bee
    God didn't die for your sins, Jesus did. And, after he died, no one resurrected Him.
    Quote Originally Posted by OJLeb View Post
    But Christians say Jesus PBUH is God. And 3 days later, whoever it was that died on the
    Cross, came back from the dead.

    But there must be an explanation of how this happened for people to believe it so much...

    I see so many people say Jesus PBUH was The God, some say Jesus PBUH was God in flesh... Which was it? I am
    honestly very confused...

    That was directed to who? The people or God?
    The closest I can come to the truth is that a good prophet named Jesus Christ died on a cross truly believing that His death was necessary to save humans from a fiery eternity. Being crucified could not have been a pleasant experience and the words He spoke while dying had to be a mixture of perceived truth, frightened delusion, and finally acceptance. It was not a pleasant death and there was certainly a time when he realized that the God he so truly believed in was not going to save Him.

    This is all I can believe because there's nothing else believable. There's the plausible part... His birth, His life, His missions, His crucifixion, and His death which was witnessed by many. Then there's the implausible part which includes the resurrection, the ascension, the trinity, and the rest of the story. How many actually witnessed these events?

    I grew up, worked, and performed in the church for years doing all of it behind a wall of doubt while pretending it was true. I told kids their pets went to heaven and told seniors that they would be reunited with their loved ones. I lit candles and told them what they wanted to hear so they would feel good. And they did. People who attend church look to the priest to provide simple meanings and avoid the inconsistencies noted in the bible.

    You asked why people believe it so much and the answer is because they have a need to believe that death is not final. That instead of their bodies and souls decomposing to their most basic elements and eventually scatter to the universe itself, their souls will be saved by a supreme being where they will be reunited with their pets and loved ones.

    I know what will happen to my body at death and what it will be a million years from now but I honestly don't know anything more than that. However, I do know that the bible God is just a story that people want to believe and the only explanations you will get here, or in any other forum, are just perceived truths that have no solid meaning and will be interpreted by a number of people to mean a number of things. You're going to have to decide which one you want to believe.

    I wish I had an honest answer for you.

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    Quote Originally Posted by OJLeb View Post
    I don't mean this to offend anybidy, but I'm sitting here posting in another thread, and this question popped in my head.

    Christians believe that Jesus PBUH is God, right?

    And they believe Jesus PBUH, as God, was killed. Well, sacrificed.

    But, how can God be killed?

    I would appreciate if somebody could explain how God was killed by humans.
    For that you must understand what is meant by 'Human Incarnation of God'. If you know about the concept of human incarnation, then all your questions can be easily answered.

    Para Brahman is the absolute GOd who is having neither shape or with shape. He is unimaginable. Such GOd created this entire world for His own entertainment. He cannot be defined by worldly logic. He is invisible and cannot be seen directly. If you want to see Him then the creation has to disappear in such case you also will disappear with the creation since you are a created item of GOD only. Therefore, one can never see the unimaginable absolute God. But when such God comes to us in human form we can see Him. We can see the 'mediated God'.

    God comes in human form looking like us. God comes for preaching wonderful divine knowledge to uplift us so that we will become near and dear to Him. Therefore the first step in the spirituality is to identify GOd in human form then learn the divine knowledge from Him. After that participate in His mission of divine knowledge propagation for uplift ment of all the people.

    When God comes to this world in human form, He has ENTERED the particular person (like Jesus, Krishna etc), like current entering a wire. Thus God IS IN THE FLESH not become FLESH. REMEMBER THIS POINT. The medium is died. NOt God. When Jesus died means His body only destroyed here in this world, the individual soul in Him goes to upper world and sits in the lap of God. God was present in Jesus all the time when He was ALIVE IN THIS WORLD. It is the God component which spoke wonderful divine knowledge through the mouth of Jesus. God and soul. God + Soul= Human incarnation of God.

    God has no death or birth. Such God comes in human form by entering a most deserving devotee on this earth time to time for preaching wonderful divine knowledge and for uplift His real devotees and to carry their sins upon His body, for this specific purpose God comes in human form.

    God is unimaginable and hence, cannot be even imagined by even sharp intelligence. Therefore, there is no possibility of any kind of interaction with God. God knows all of us, but, we can never know God. Hence, the interaction with unimaginable God is one sided only. But, we like to have an interaction, which is in both sides. We like to know, see, talk, touch and live with God. We like to serve God because service is the practical proof of love or devotion to God. For this purpose, God comes down in the same medium in which we exist.

    Hence, God comes in human form. If God comes in the form of an inert object, our service becomes impossible. For the sake of inert objects, He has to come in the inert form. But, the inert objects do not interact at all. If He comes down as a bird or animal, the birds and animals may interact and the human beings cannot interact. In such case, you cannot talk with God since you cannot talk with a bird or animal. We cannot clarify our doubts with God in such case.

    If God comes down in the energetic form, we cannot touch God and cannot live with Him for a long time. Therefore, the human form is the best suited to the human beings. The energetic form of God is relevant to the departed souls existing in the energetic bodies in the upper worlds. But, the human form of God is not easily available. Even if it is easily available, most of the human beings suffer with ego and jealousy towards a co-human form. Any human being does not agree the greatness of a co-human being.

    Therefore, the human incarnation interacts with those few selected devotees only, who conquered the ego and jealousy. For other human beings, the human incarnation behaves like a co-human being only following the usual social norms. Krishna behaved like a human being only with all the people and behaved like God for His close devotees. Therefore, God comes down for the needy only.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Iolo View Post
    Autres temps, autres moeurs, mates!
    That brings up an interesting question. Can God change his mind?

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    Quote Originally Posted by DivineComedy View Post
    That brings up an interesting question. Can God change his mind?
    Beyond me - but we certainly can, I think.

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    Quote Originally Posted by DivineComedy View Post
    That brings up an interesting question. Can God change his mind?
    With respect that assumes too many things. One is that God has a mind.
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