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Thread: What is America's True Form of Government?

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    I would be surprised if the people "at the top" were that clever. They are not, they are just individually greedy and talk themselves into bad policies as the money flows in. It is our job to stop this but we must stop calling each other names (communists, nazis' et al) and elect those that will do what we need. Welfare to irresponsible individuals as well as irresponsible corporations is wrong, lobbying Congress is wrong, this is agreed to on both sides. I think that business would prefer it also, it would make their life simpler and their bottom line cheaper.
    The bolded part is what will get this country thru. IMO the whole Vietnam era was a big bag of BS sold to Americans. A whole generation of young men duped and drafted to fight against an imagined enemy-Communists.

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    New form of government from Russia, without presidents. True Democracy is here:

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    What is America's True Form of Government?
    A plurocracy. A powerful and wealthy (gathered all wealth under capitalism) ruling elite and their political shield and their election system versus the (labeled) people, programmed to move to the voting booths every four years to give away their power to this ruling elite.
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    The original land-stealing, slave-holding, aristocracy has been replaced by a greedy, power-hungry plutocracy, and the Average American resembles the Spartan Helots - except that they were inclined to revolt sometimes.

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    USA is a corporation USA Inc. and America is still a British colony.

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