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Thread: Is Taxation Theft?

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    Quote Originally Posted by liberalminority View Post
    It is quite rational to assume taxation is related to government ownership of human beings because it confiscates the product of their labors.

    But even though that may be true taxation does not have to be a negative
    If taxation is merely a device for wealth redistribution for upper or lower classes
    with a plunderous intention

    Than taxation is a negative ....some taxes are just for agreeable actions
    for solutions too just problems

    Not too build 4 lane roads in every direction in certain mountainy states
    with alot of coal or too build a infamous bridge too an nonsensical location

    Pillage an plunder have begat the current state of affairs with our taxation scheme

    If your on the plunder side your behoved too gain the system an invent new schemes
    And if your on the lower side of the plunder you wish for the flow of wealth too remain constant

    While if your the plundered it is dihchotomy of existence to understand the motive
    for the continued subservience

    The more complexed a societies laws and codes become the more corrupt the system will become
    Sic Semper Tyrannis

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    I don't believe that the government does or should own the people.
    I believe that democratic governments only own what the people decide they own,
    and I don't think the people of the U.S. have decided that the government owns the people,
    but I would say that they have and rightfully so decided that the government should own the land and the resource, or at least have partial ownership.

    BTW, if not the people or the government, then who is to say who owns what?
    The government is what defines and protects private ownership of property.

    Also, what is society exactly? If your 'belongings' belong to society, does that mean that they also at least in part belong to you as well,
    assuming you are a part of society.

    And if you aren't a part of society, then where is your right to own that property coming from??


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