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Thread: Is Access To Taxpayer Money...

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    Quote Originally Posted by Makedde View Post

    A civil right? I would say yes. If people expect to have a roof over their heads and food in their bellies, and if that requires taxpayer money they are more than entitled to it.
    You gotta be kidding. Where does it say in the Constitution that you or anyone has a right to free food and free housing, or to subsidized food and housing? What you and the minority fella are getting confused with here is that you and or anyone else do have the same rights to an 'equal opportunity' to achieve those goodies--not that you have a right to hold someone up at gunpoint or to make policy to redistribute other peoples money via the govt to get them. You and the minority fella are subsidizing straight out socialism here, and I'll have no part of that here in America the beautiful.
    If you want to anger a liberal, tell him the truth.
    If you want to anger a Conservative, tell him a lie.

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    Quote Originally Posted by liberalminority View Post
    it is a civil right depending on the interpretation, alot of people are denied equal rights due to lack of resources or money

    You are mistaken. No civil right our laws recognize is denied a person based on their private resources.
    ~ Strive to be kind, honest and fair. (pick two) ~

    Fair is impartial, without favoritism or bias. If you charge any person the same for what you provide, your deal is fair. Life isn't fair and one person may do more with what you provide. Charging the man who does more a greater price doesn't mean life is fair. It does mean your deal is not.

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    I don't think so.

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