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Thread: Honest Abe...???

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    Mr. Truth, thank you for the link. I'm sure it will prove interesting to read.
    Thank you for the kind words.

    As I mentioned on another thread, I am a long standing member of an American history book club and have done much reading and writing on the subject. In one instance my writings were singled out by noted historian Eric Foner and praised for being a significant contribution to a public discussion he was involved in.

    In my many readings of American history I have come across great writings that have long been overlooked by scholars. That particular writing by Angelina Grinké is, to me, the greatest writing ever by an American female scholar. Everyone interested in American history, everyone interested in the Bible, everyone interested in debunking the myths used to "justify" slavery, everyone involved in Womens history month should read and be fully versed in its writings. Its TRUTHS are absolutely staggering. Had the South only adhered to it, there would never have been a civil war.

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    Quote Originally Posted by pwillie View Post
    Abe killed 650,000 Americans.......nothing to do with religion....
    Abe did not start the war. Rebellious southern secessionists did.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Mr_Truth View Post
    Abe did not start the war. Rebellious southern secessionists did.
    "WRONG"!!!!!The Feds took over Fort Sumter,which was an act of War!Lincoln and his SS staged the plight to inflame the Secessionist movement.It was the "War of Northern Aggression"....and Ole Abe saw away to trample the "Constitution"

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    The South had no legal right to secede nor to shoot at Federal troops under the command of a superior officer. Thereafter, the South forced innocent 500 slaves to keep the fort in order even after they had been emancipated by presidential order. This is treason of the worse kind. And that's the Truth.

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    Its clear Mr (Truth?)sir that your a "Abe " sympathizer,and thats OK. Everyone needs a champion.Show me in the Constitution where it says that the states belong to the Federal Govt.! The original 7 states that seceded were legal,and the US Federal Troops re enforced Fort Sumter was an act of war perpetrated by honest "Abe".Like it are not,he killed 650,000 Americans to keep the Northern Industrialists in power.The slavery question was used as a purpose to rape the south.Fact is, Lincoln was as big a racist as any clan member.He wanted to ship negroes back to Africa or South America. My eyes were opened to these facts back in 1960!I was raised in southern schools and taught that Abe saved the nation by winning the "Civil War"... it was no civil war,it was a War of Aggression brought on by Mr. Lincoln. You call yourself a "History Scholar"???? History is written by the Victors...Sir your getting involved with States Rights!

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    Show me in the Constitution where it says that the states belong to the Federal Govt.!
    HAHAHA!!! What a laughable post!

    Did you ever bother to read the Preamble of the Constitution? What does it say?

    We the People of the United States, in Order to form a more perfect Union, establish Justice, insure domestic Tranquility, provide for the common defence, promote the general Welfare, and secure the Blessings of Liberty to ourselves and our Posterity, do ordain and establish this Constitution for the United States of America.

    What the heck do you suppose this means???

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    ..it means that a Constitution was established...now show me where it says you can't secede? You kind of people are ones that write the victors side of the history....Its about time the "TRUTH" was told, I am from the south and belong to the SCV which tells the real "Truth" about the War of Northern Aggression
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    You continue to forget that we are the UNITED States of America and not the separate states of America. As for what is the legal basis for making secession illegal, see the famous Texas v White case of 1869.

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    Sir!The United Confederacy was a Nation,until The Northern Agression took our rights away at the oint of a bayonet.

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    The Constitution was ratified as thus:

    Delaware - December 7, 1787
    Pennsylvania - December 12, 1787
    New Jersey - December 18, 1787
    Georgia - January 2, 1788
    Connecticut - January 9, 1788
    Massachusetts - February 6, 1788
    Maryland - April 28, 1788
    South Carolina - May 23, 1788
    New Hampshire - June 21, 1788
    Virginia - June 25, 1788
    New York - July 26, 1788
    North Carolina - November 21, 1789
    Rhode Island - May 29, 1790

    Thereafter, other states including those in the South ratified it. Your states were never a confederacy except in the limited minds of a few treasonous secessionists who started that war of rebellion.

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