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Thread: Did you change your mind?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Sadanie View Post
    And I guess the 800 billions stimulus was also credited to Bush. . .who initiated it?

    And I guess the consequences of 2008 crash. . .due in great part to the Bush administration policies had no consequences beyond January 20, 2009?

    And obviously, neither did the budget for 2009 drawn in 2008?

    The global economic slow down is ALSO Obama's fault, right?

    And it is obviously Obama's fault that Bush's tax cuts for the wealthy is continuing to add a huge burden on our budget. . .

    Fair and balanced. . .just like Fox News, right? LOL!
    It's like pushing sand up hill with some people isn't it?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Craftsman View Post
    So you've got nothing other than the standard talking points.
    Thats what I figured.
    I was unable to find a single link to a single item you claim as fact. Where are your official links? I used the US Treasury. You dispute that with liberal nonsense. Not a fact in evidence. Show me something or (*)(*)(*)(*).
    LIBERALISM,,the new front name for,,,COMMUNISM
    TWO people spending ONE person's money, DOES NOT improve the economy!
    "Money is better than poverty, even if its just for financial reasons."--Woody Allen

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    Quote Originally Posted by Sadanie View Post

    I voted for Obama, and I am very happy with the progress he has been able to achieve after inheriting the last administration's fiasco and in spite of the constant hatred and barriers thrown at our President by the GOP and the vitriolic Right wing media.

    In fact, I am even happier with Obama since he abandonned the vain attempts to compromise with the right and he is doing what needs to be done in spite of the Right.

    I will proudly vote for Obama again. . .

    But I notice that your bogus poll doesn't include that option, right?

    Is that a purposeful effort to fool stupid people? Or do you truly not know how to create a valid poll?
    Had I done what you suggested the Poll would have been slanted. On purpose I made sure it was not slanted like polls from The Left.

    One thing...Right Wing Media. Please tell me what station. I could use some "good" news for a change!
    "If Republicans wanted to Destroy America, they would Vote Democrat."

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    I voted for Obama in 2008 and again in 2012. It is now 2015 and I am happy that I did.

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