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Thread: It would only take 9 minutes to destroy Israel

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    Israel is so small, it wouldn't take much for Iran to wipe them off the map. One also has to question the judgement of building a nuclear reactor in such a small country.

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    Life is not that simple. Israeli defense is more sophisticated than that. Too bad for neo-nazi rednecks Israel will never be wiped away.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Blackrook View Post
    I seriously doubt the Iranian navy could put up much of a fight against the U.S. Navy.
    Iran does not need a Navy to sink anything the United States chooses to send into the Persian Gulf.

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    Quote Originally Posted by websthes View Post
    Iran does not need a Navy to sink anything the United States chooses to send into the Persian Gulf.
    You're right.

    It would need a miracle.

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    As soon as the first U.S. missle hits you will the the Iranian soldiers dropping their weapons and running for the hills screaming like frightened little children the same way the soldiers in Iraq did.

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    LMAO aparently this almighty military expert has forgotten about the six to eight week bombing campaign that would start this war. I dont think the sun burst rx17...whatever would be very effective against our stealth bombers dropping four to five hundred dead balls accurate bombs/missiles on them every day for 8 weeks. once that campaign is over and 80% of every aspect of the Iranian military, ans all of its communications are destroyed, I realy don't think a few sunbursts would be much of a concern. this guy makes it sound like we are actually stupid enough to just pull our entire navy right into such an obviouse trap LMAO

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    Solving Iran doesnt need an occupation. Is anyone suggesting otherwise except islamic propoganda merchants? Some US ground units would deploy I'd imagine, namely strategic units such as CIA, SOF and perhaps USMC and Ranger raiding parties - but all those guys are not intended to stay when the only mission is to take out the Iranian nuclear programs.

    I do though think Israel is vulnerable, but it would make a mess of Palestine as well. I notice Iran sent a couple of warships into the Med to dock at Syrian naval ports so I hope they get sweeped for radioactivity before getting anywhere near the Israeli coastline.

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    After Iraq I do not believe Russia or china will allow us to go towar with Iran without major consequences. And unlike Iran Russia and China have thousands of nukes ready to bomb the US. Some off Which would strike me.

    That said a nuke sub off the pacific coast could strike my home in About 8 minutes.
    I fear not terrorist, I fear the loss of liberty.

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    Quote Originally Posted by websthes View Post
    Invading Iran is a suicide mission. But so was trying to build a Jewish state in a land that is not theirs.

    Israel is too small to stand on it's own without American support. They need more land, more water, and some control of the region's oil wealth if Israel is to become a viable state. A task that cannot be accomplished so long as Iran and Hezbollah have anything to say about it.
    Israel is the regional super power Iran is a failed state and the Jews have had a presence in the land of Israel for over 10,000 years and the Arabs are Imperialist invaders and occupiers.

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    Quote Originally Posted by kenrichaed View Post
    Iran's little navy will be gone within minutes. Our ships can easily survive any missle attacks that they throw at us, its what they are prepared for. Tomahawks and special forces and drones will have destroyed most of their missle platforms by the time we go in anyways. Along with the massive air bombing prior to our ships getting within range.

    China and Russia will not get involved for one simple reason. They stand to lose more in trade with the European and American powers than they would stand to gain from supporting Iran.
    You are watching too many military procurement company videos.

    What a perfect "Something born every minute", as PT Barnum said!

    Fertilizing the military-industrial complex with a trillion dollars each year does not give us perfect fruit - only perfect BS.
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