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Thread: Georgetown Co-ed: Please pay for our contraception, we don't want to.

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    Why can't people just, you know, not have sex? Sex isn't a right, it's a privilege(especially with someone you love). No free condoms, no free birth control, just personal responsibility for your own actions. Otherwise we may as well make sex a right, and I don't think anyone here would like the end results of that to much.
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    Quote Originally Posted by mikezila View Post
    you want us to pay their iPhone bills too?

    ffs! if they can afford Georgetown, they can afford a 12 pack of rubbers.
    No Iphone bills...they can still go to school without a phone. It's pregnancy that needs to be stopped until they graduate. The pill effectively sterilizes them for as long as they take it.

    I think this would be a great use of tax payer dollars.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Goldwater View Post
    Did you keep your legs crossed in college?, or your zipper shut?, or whatever?......how boring would that be?
    well you know we voted for hope and change in 2008. We all have to have some skin in the game. We all have to pay our fair share. and i think she might be from a wealthy family since she goes to georgetown university. She could just as easily abstain couldn't she. I mean if she can't afford it?

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    Quote Originally Posted by MisLed View Post

    Good Grief and absolutely barking insane leftist woman figures it costs her and her peers approximately $3000 each for their 3 to 4 years at Georgetown. She wants someone else to pay this expense because it is cramping her style in her finances.

    Obviously taking lessons from her messiah, the Wan. He isn't responsible for the mess he's creating either. What happened to the lessons that this generation of American kids learned from Bill Clinton. Great life lessons leftists teach American kids. Oral sex is not sex and You're not responsible.
    Actually, I would be ecstatic if the government would pay for the PERMANENT STERILIZATION of all liberals.

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