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Thread: Democrats think like a woman...

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    Quote Originally Posted by cupid dave View Post
    You use the term "think" without separating that process into the five components that are supposed to all be utilized together and come to a truthful and realistic conclusion.
    That actual problem today is that the nation has been divided into camps of specialized thinking.
    Teachers here will recognize what I say as related to learning Style.

    Take a class on Learning Style,
    You will be impressed that every classroom, even one full of adults and teachers, can be divided into four basic groups, plus that instructor who remains alone in a group of his own, one which is composed of a Sythesizor using all four thinking processes.

    This instructor groups the class essentially by separating them in accord with their own preferences for ways examine ideas of personal choices for perspectives on specified issues.

    These grouos are full of people who all agree readily with one another and have major difficulty in understanding whatthe other three groups are even taliking about on the same issues.

    We have the Independents, the Dumocrats, and Rebuffedicans, and the Incompentents at work in politics as four groups who, like you, are fixated on their own point of views.

    Unlike yourself of course.
    Be Seeing You

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    Quote Originally Posted by cupid dave View Post
    The Democrats are really the Feminine side of America, and they usually set their teeth to issues based mostly on their personal Feelings about situations.

    We saw this when Obama appealed to America in regard to his Medical Health Proposal.
    He marched out sick people on TV, again and again.
    He asked us how do we FEEL about a person who had lost coverage, or never paid for insurance, or tried to get coverage after they got sick.

    He did it again when he wanted to extend Unemployment Benefits to two years.
    He marched out people who had lost their job.

    He was showing us the actual suffering and hardship, so that we, too, would make a decision that was Feelings based.

    Men, on the other hand, are more prone to be cold and logical decision makers.
    Men, on the other side, Republicans, are more accepting of the consequences of a reality they can not change, or one that they will need to work on in the future.

    This is all very similar to the way the American family works, too.
    Women often see the apparent needs of the household but think money grows on Trees.
    So the women shop until they drop.
    Then the bills are impossible to be paid.
    Its so odd how helpless the Republicans make themselves FEEL!

    EVERY other industrialized country has good healthcare for EVERYONE in their country, and spend HALF of the money the USA spends FAILING to do the same thing!

    Republicans, methinks, are NEITHER "men" or "women", they are just uneducated dipwads who think blowing the world up 26 times is more important than making sure young and old and sick and unemployed people have medical care.

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    Like Rickey Bobby said before passing out, "the room is starting to spin... because of gayness."

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