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Thread: Oh Nooooo! Is the slow diease (hacker) back again?

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    Default Oh Nooooo! Is the slow diease (hacker) back again?

    This morning Sunday 25th the forum slowed again to the point I went to my alternate sites to get my fix. The same thing as before happened, I attempted to edit a post and couldn't get it posted before the 20 min limit expired then I couldn't get back to the PC site. Finally about a half an hour I did get back on only to have the same thing happen two more times. In any case I was angry, I do not want to give up on this site.

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    Hang in there Rev A. I also experienced a slowdown this morning but it seems to be better right now. Like you I'm hoping that the change to vBulletin 4.0 will resolve many of the issues (as is the site owner) but that won't happen for a little bit longer. I don't know when but I'm hoping it happens next month. I'll see what I can find out on that from the site owner.

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    It took me about a half hour to get on, and all the unread posts had reset.
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    I was so pleased about PF's performance, I got off my wallet and donated....

    Now I'm questioning that decision.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Makedde View Post
    It took me about a half hour to get on, and all the unread posts had reset.
    At first I thought you wrote "get off" and I was like, well, that's not so bad. Takes a lot longer for some ladies.

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    Granny don't post her notes inna cloud `cause she don't want some hacker readin' her love letters...

    Evernote hacked: 50 million passwords reset
    Mar 3,`13 -- Online note-taking service Evernote Corp. says it has been hacked and is resetting all its 50 million users' passwords as a precaution.
    The Redwood City, California-based company said in a post published late Saturday that an attacker had been able to access sensitive customer information and that every user would have their account reset "in an abundance of caution."

    Evernote says the attacker was able to access an unspecified number of customers' encrypted passwords. Decoding such passwords can be difficult but is far from impossible.

    The company says it has seen no evidence that any customer data had been tampered with or that any payment information had been compromised. A phone message left with Evernote on Sunday was not immediately returned.


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    Hackers helpin' Uganda charities solve their IT problems...

    Hacking for a Better World, It Helps
    March 25, 2013 — One American computer hacker has figured out how to harness the knowledge and creativity of other hackers around the world to help local Ugandan charities solve their information technology problems -- for free.
    For 15 years, Johnny Long was paid by governments and major firms to break into their systems and sometimes their buildings, identifying security holes. His techniques are legendary in technology circles, his books are widely read and people flock to hear him speak at conferences. But when Long first came to Africa, he says he did not think he would have much to offer. “I’m a high-tech guy, I hardly have any other skills. I get somebody else to change light bulbs," said Long. "I’m just not the type that you would think of going to Africa and doing anything.” But he did know computers and he knew a lot about hackers. “I knew that they got a bad rap from a few people that were committing crimes with their name," said Long. "I saw these people doing good things. But I realized there was no charity that was technology-based that was for them.”

    Inspired by a trip his wife had taken, and determined to help, Long moved his family to Jinja, Uganda, in 2009. There he founded Hackers for Charity, which provides a way for hackers around the world to volunteer their skills to cash-strapped local charities that cannot afford tech support. Hackers can volunteer remotely, building and securing websites or they can come to Uganda in person to help set up and maintain computer labs. Long says the work might not be warm and fuzzy, but for many organizations it is essential. Renee Bach, who runs a charity for malnourished children, is one of the beneficiaries. She points out that computers are vital in keeping her organization going. “We use computers for all of our data and record keeping and all of our bookkeeping and finances as well," said Bach. "We have Skype board meetings and things like that over the Internet as well. A lot of our communication with donors is done over the Internet.”

    Students learn IT skills for free at a computer lab set up with the help of volunteer hackers in Jinja, Uganda.

    Long says persuading people to work with hackers is not always easy. The stigma attached to the term can drive donors away. “Most organizations see that word hacker - which we won’t remove from our name, because it’s who we are - and that’s it. End of discussion," said Long. "Organizations that would normally donate to us won’t donate because they’re fearing a news story.” He says working with hackers does come with challenges. Some of his volunteers prefer to remain anonymous, taking precautions to prevent their emails from being traced. And, he adds, identity is not the only problem. “The other challenge is vetting the volunteers," said Long. "If you have somebody that has bad motives and they just want to put a back door into a client’s website instead of fixing it, that becomes sticky.”

    Long’s volunteers have numbered in the thousands, and he screens them all carefully. Tim Rosenberg, an IT professional who has volunteered twice with Long, insists that the majority are just grateful for the chance to use their expertise to benefit others. “We’re not known for our social skills," said Rosenberg. "We’re known for spending hours and days and months in windowless offices interfacing on laptops and computers, and not really moving outside of that bubble. An organization like Hackers for Charity, that provides the ability to start impacting into the wider community and the world, is just a phenomenal opportunity.” Long says he hopes the work they do will change the public’s perceptions of hackers as well. “We’re able to show hackers aren’t just about mayhem and causing trouble," said Long. "We’re actually making a difference.” In the mean time, Long admits his own tech skills are getting a bit rusty. But he feels like he is helping to save lives and says he is not looking back.


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    See also:

    Cheap Data, Better Tech Putting More Cambodians Online
    March 25, 2013 — Communications technology continues to boom in Cambodia, providing cheaper Internet for an increasing number of users. The number of Internet Service Providers is now 24, increasing competition and lower prices for and expanding number of consumers.
    That has coincided with the rise of smart phones, tablets and other devices that are putting more and more Cambodians online and mobile. “In the last three or four years, the Internet price is less expensive,” said Kouy Sonak, of AngkorNet, a major service provider. Improved technology “means Internet user can easily access the Internet,” he said. Between 2007 and 2009, most Internet was for business, or accessed in shops, said Neak Longkean, a marketing manager at Digi, an ISP. But cheaper high-speed Internet has put information in the hands of individuals these days, he said.

    The number of Internet Service Providers is now 24, increasing competition and lower prices for and expanding number of consumers.

    The government now estimates there are 2.7 million Internet users today, up from about 320,000 in 2010, when the online expansion really took off. Total revenue for Internet use is now worth about $1.4 million, according to the Ministry of Posts and Telecommunications. About 98 percent of users are mobile, either via satellite networks or wi-fi connections, the ministry says. Prices have come down for home users, with prices as low as $12 per month for high-speed Internet, said Van Cuong, a sales manager at OpenNet, another ISP. Moa Chkrya, chairman of the Telecommunications Regulator of Cambodia, said Internet connections are “almost everywhere,” especially wi-fi.

    Keo Udom, co-founder of a website called Porpok, told VOA Khmer that the Internet is a part of daily life for him. If the prices continue to fall, “it gives Cambodian users a lot of advantages,” he said. Aside from tablets and smart phones, Cambodians can go online in more than 300 Internet cafes in Phnom Penh alone. At a coffee shop called Brown in the capital, Chang Bunleang, a managing partner, said cafes like this one need an Internet connection. "A lower price would be good for businesses that have come to rely not only a Web connection, but also database systems, web hosting and data centers," he said. Chak Sopheab, a program director at the Cambodian Center for Human Rights, said Internet access is “essential” for many Cambodians, especially the young, to help them become more involved in society and their studies.


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    I think maybe I am a Jinks or a Jinn lol...anyway man this is one of the strangest domains or what is the proper name, sever, I have had the pleasure of posting on. When other sites have problems they are usually different, save for slowing. These problems seem directly engineered to cause ill will of its members and teeth gnashing of the Mods etc who have to work online with it (member snatching ?). Not to mention if I was the owner I would have visited the owner quite some time ago to explain in preacher words why I am going to shove …errr…sorry. So all of the above and the fact that skilled people although they have made PF better it seems impossible to secure an sure reason and cure for the IT problems we have the un-joyful and sometimes the early morning unrelenting anguish of experiencing reoccurring problems when trying to post here at PF! That is why I originally thought our problems were of the hacker variety and still HIGHLY suspect there is not a ghost in the machine, (the server) no eventually a server will fix the problem because its their paycheck and reputation at stake. So, that leaves a hacker and or something strange, weird, and or covert is going on. Not being the owner or someone with access to the PF tech data and error etc reports I have no clue as to what the reasons are for PF and our woes. Lastly I would like to report a new thing going on when I log on but not without saying thanks to the Mods and OWNER for improving the speed of PF and addressing and fixing some of the really horrible original problems…again thanks everyone that worked on the problem; here is a big kiss mawaah !!!!~*~!!!! The other thing is that after logging on Pfs server locks down every other site and will not let me transition off the PF page which is also froze. Even the task manger commands sometimes will not unfreeze the thing and I have to jerk the plug out of the PC, I am wondering if even pulling the plug will work so I might have to shoot it and put it out of its and my misery…


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