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I agree, it's terrible. I especially think of her children.

But something simply does not add up in these articles. I'm having a difficult time believing that someone would send a threatening message a week earlier, then come into the home specifically to beat this woman to death, for no reason other than she was Iraqi.

It simply isn't logical. There is definitely more to this incident, and hopefully will be uncovered.
Most murder's aren't logical, 32% of the time in closed murder cases, acording to the Uniform Crime Report, the police have no idea about the motive for the murder. How about the man who snaps and shoots his wife because she made his dinner wrong for the 50th time, but he never told her, logical? When was logic a requirement for humanity?

I'll leave you with a favorite quote of mine:

"If mankind was logical, religion would be out of a job."
-John Blakers