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Thread: A debate between reasonable, sensible people...

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    Default A debate between reasonable, sensible people...

    I want to have a debate between people who can make a point without pulling facts of their ass and trolling... So bacially, NO far lefters or no righters allowed!

    There will be 3 topics and the debate will be held next week on Sunday. This will allow one week to do research and gather notes.

    The topics for the debate will be...
    1; Gun control
    2; Gay marriage
    3; Welfare

    A new thread will be posted for the debate itself and a poll that members will vote on who they feel won the debate.

    If you wish to be my opponant reply to this thread.

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    I'll bite.

    I'll take whatever stance you don't take. Not to be difficult (obviously), but because it'll make for a more entertaining debate. I can't start tomorrow, until after 5pm EST, and my responses will be a little lagged, as I'll be pulling up information on the fly. If you'd prefer, you can send me your positions, and we do another day. I think the latter would be less entertaining, but I'm flexible.
    If you would like to see the an increase in the usage of facts and information on the forum, join the Society for the Proliferation of Information. Now accepting members again.
    If you need anything factchecked (or if I suspended an earlier factcheck for my hiatus), send me a message.

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    i'm willing to debate you and/or discuss welfare and gay marriage, gun control is in my opinion a silly topic to debate because there is little to talk about that hasn't been talked about or the statistics are inconclusive.

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    a poll that members will vote on who they feel won the debate
    Since the majority on this board are from the right, good luck in getting a fair and objective vote.
    Trump's win is one of the most exciting nights of my life ... a great victory for 'our people' ... Make no mistake about it, our people have played a HUGE role in electing Trump!

    KKK leader David Duke

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    Sorry for the late reply. I havent been on in a week or so. I'll message you my position on each and we can have the debate a week from this sunday. That would give us more than a week to get ready. Oh and you need to provide links for any stats and facts you give, and they must be from credible sites........No propaganda sites.
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    This thread should be a debate between unreasonable and senseless people. Then Conservatives and Liberals can be themselves without worry of expectations, and will participate more eagerly.

    Lets begin with Gun Control

    An example of the Conservative attitude towards guns and also punishment in society: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=l_5UZfwX0ss
    Be Seeing You

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    1)The government has no place to tell you what you can and cannot own to a reasonable extent, all automatic weapons and guns used in the military since vietnam should be prohibited to non-active military personell with exception to pistols
    2)Homosexual marriage is often (99.99% of the time) defined by politicians as between a man and a woman on a religious basis which the government should have no involvement in and gay marriage and/or attitudes torwards to homosexuals in general should be left up to the discretion of the individuals in question, religiious leaders, and families NOT THE GOVERNMENT
    3)Government welfare should not be forced upon employers but it should be an option to the employers and on smaller scales the individual

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