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Thread: Coptic Holiday in Egypt

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    Quote Originally Posted by Albert Di Salvo View Post

    Does that confirm that you were and are revolting ?

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    Quote Originally Posted by raymondo View Post

    Fair enough .
    Smelling and looking , but not necessarily begging absolution .

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    Quote Originally Posted by Mayerling View Post
    Public holidays Abu? What do you define as public holidays? The only Coptic legal and public holiday is Christmas. Unless you count New years as a Christian holiday which most countries do not.
    New Years Day 1st January legal/public/bank holiday
    Christmas January 7th legal/public/bank holiday

    Epiphany January 19th not a holiday
    Palm Sunday (?? changes each year the date) not a holiday
    Holy Thursday follows the Palm Sunday not a holiday
    The Coptic Easter which is the week after Western Sects Easter not a holiday but since it is the holiest Coptic holiday should be
    Good Friday not a holiday
    Holy Saturday not a holiday
    Easter Sunday not a holiday
    Sham el Naseem Pharaonic festival ( both Muslim and Christian) legal/public and bank holiday
    Ramadan ( changes each year and lasts one month)
    Eid Al Fitr 3 days holiday
    Eid al Adha 4 days holiday
    Prophet Mohammed birthday 12 rabi el Awwal holiday
    Islamic New Year 1st Muharram holiday
    Days when government offices and schools and universities are closed.

    Easter week every year lasts from Thursday afternoon to the Tuesday Morning. You know that you live in Egypt.

    No school, no Mogamma, Government offices, no Universities etc

    I have no idea what Epiphany is but this is what Wiki says

    Some government-related offices, including most universities, are also closed on the Coptic Orthodox date of Epiphany, 19 January.

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