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Thread: China's One-Child policy is barbaric...

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    Default China's One-Child policy is barbaric...

    Activist, dissident Chen Guangcheng will become a heroic martyr. The blind Chinese lawyer stands up against abortions and sterilizations.

    Dissident released, but saga not over

    Abortion's two-way slippery slope

    However, Canadian James Garrow (who is on Facebook) of the Bethune Institute and the Pink Pagoda organization has been saving baby girl lives for years, and he is banned from China... and America by the great Nobel Prize winning B.H. Obama. Garrow was nominated for the Peace prize but lost to someone who was not deserving. Typical.

    Pink Pagoda

    One Child Policy in China — still continues...

    I hope enough countries speak up and the Chicoms release Mr. Chen and all his family to leave China for a democratic country that recognizes human rights and freedom of speech.

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    Just think about it. A blind man who was virtually unknown before 2005 could create a big diplomatic row between two big powers. The inaugural meeting of the annual China-US strategic dialogue in Beijing is currently overshadowed by the so-called Chen Guangcheng affair. Though blind, Chinese dissident Chen Guangcheng has a knack for attracting international media attention and seems not tired in complicating US-China relations.

    Chen was illiterate until his early twenties, when he attended Qingdao school for the Blind. Afterward, he taught himself law by studying legal texts and auditing night classes. Chen used his knowledge to advise people in his village, and eventually came to champion the rights of the poor and people with disabilities.

    So it seems, Chen could scale to greater height if he is not blind. In my opinion, the outcome may not be so special if he is normal. He may just pass his life like all normal people.

    It was reported that Chen was asking for help to get him to the US. He was blinded by a severe fever as a baby. As he had never seen the world, there is no difference whether he was placed in China, the US or even in a bat-infested cave.

    So what is the force and power that drive him to clash head-on with the authorities? Chen's case should provide a very interesting study for psychologists.

    As a disabled person, he may feel the urge to break out of the limitation that fate has unjustly imposed on him. In this case, Chen is a bit special. Many disabled people would accept fate as it is and be contented live from day to day till the the end of of their lives.

    Like a waterfall, such a driving force to challenge fate's limitation can be channeled to very productive use as seen in the true life story of Helen Keller, the famed deaf, blind, and mute woman.

    Like a torrent that sweeps away houses, the driving force can also be put to very destructive use if a person really feels that he has nothing to lose and the world owes him a living. With such mentality, the person may try to attain his ends by whatever ruthless and deceptive means.

    It must be stressed, however, such a driving force is not limited to disabled people. A normal people can also turn very destructive if has the feeling that he has nothing to lose and the world owes him a living.

    A good example in contemporary Chinese history was heterodox Christian convert Hong Xiuquan who led the Taiping Rebellion, a widespread civil war in southern China from 1850 to 1864, against the Qing Dynasty.

    Hong, having received visions, maintained that he was the younger brother of Jesus Christ. About 20 million people died, mainly civilians, in one of the deadliest military conflicts in history.

    Discontented people can be found anywhere anytime. That explains the unlimited source for recruiting terrorists around the world.

    In a pop-up visit to Kabul on May 1 marking the first anniversary of Osama Bin Laden’s death, President Barack Obama spelled out the end of the war in Afghanistan. However, Obama could not spell the end of the Talibans.

    Osama Bin Laden’s death is a significant achievement for the US, but it does not spell the end of al-Qaeda.

    The Chen Guangcheng affair is a wake-up call to the Chinese central government to implement political reforms and tackle social problems justly and urgently, as the possibility of the emergence of another Chen Guangcheng and Hong Xiuquan cannot be ruled out.

    Who is Chen Guangcheng, the blind Chinese activist who recently escaped from house arrest?

    Taiping Rebellion

    Helen Keller biography

    Blind Rage and the legacy of Helen Keller

    Obama spells out the end of the Afghan war and Taliban responds with deadly suicide bomb

    The death of Osama Bin Laden—what implications for international security?
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    without 1 child policy china population today should be around 2 Billion, would we and other country take care the food/water shortage of the extra chinese??
    unlike US china lack arable land and fresh water. you got live in your means. i've been there the population issues is real.

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    Quote Originally Posted by s002wjh View Post
    without 1 child policy china population today should be around 2 Billion, would we and other country take care the food/water shortage of the extra chinese??
    unlike US china lack arable land and fresh water. you got live in your means. i've been there the population issues is real.
    yup and food shortages that would have gone with 2 billion people...and china does have a lot of arable land and water....if the USA had 1.3 billion people it would be facing the same shortages as China...Chinese have done the math and see the disaster on the horizon if population isn't controlled, difficult circumstances demand tough decisions...a planet of finite resources cannot support an infinite population with infinite growth

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    Quote Originally Posted by Onward James View Post
    China's One-Child policy is barbaric...
    Most Asians (Chinese, Japanese, Koreans, Indians, etc) have a preference for sons than daughters to continue the family's ancestry and as a source of labour in the farms, particularly in ancient times. You would be shocked that many human right abuses were committed by parents against their own daughters. Due to China's one-child policy, many Chinese baby girls were aborted or secretly killed by their own parents so that they could have a chance to give birth to a son later on. There was one case about a Chinese woman who discovered later in her life that her body was embedded with scores of needles which had been inserted into her body by her grandmother when she was a baby in an attempt to kill her.

    It is ironic that Chen Guangcheng is conducting a campaign against a policy which had saved his life. If his parents were given the right to have another son, he might have been discarded long ago in the wild when be became blind with fever.

    Everything can be viewed from a different perspective. If we want to bring a new life to earth, we have to ensure that it will get the best out of life, not to come to this world to suffer and later blame the parents for its suffering. As an example, please read the article below.

    No explanation is given why the woman abused her baby. In my opinion, some possible reasons for any woman abusing her offspring are:

    1. The woman may be a victim of rape.

    2. The child may be born out of wedlock.

    3. The mother may have been jilted by her lover or divorced by her husband.

    4. The mother may need psychiatric treatment.

    Following are excerpts from the article headlined "Savage baby abuse video riles up netizens" at http://sg.news.yahoo.com/savage-baby...-netizens.html

    (Begin excerpts)
    KUALA LUMPUR, Wed.: Thousands of netizens are up in arms over a viral video clip that shows a woman abusing a baby.

    In the shocking 4-minute long video, which was shared more than 16,000 times on Facebook, the woman violently hits the wailing baby girl with a pillow, pinches her arms and thighs and kicks the crying child, who lies screaming on a mattress.

    The beatings intensify when the baby refuses to remain quiet and cries louder, crawling towards the woman. At one point, the woman throws her mobile phone at the child.

    The voice of another woman, assumed to be the person recording the incident, can be heard in the four-minute long video as well.

    While she admonishes the woman who is beating up the child, she does nothing to stop the abuse. At around, the 2 minute 20 second mark, she is heard telling the woman who is hitting the baby that she is going to kill the child.

    Responding to some 300 complaints made in a span of just hours, the police released a immediate statement on its Facebook page to clarify that the incident took place on May 29 last year in Petaling Jaya and the perpetrator – the baby’s mother – had been arrested on the same day. The woman was charged and found guilty under the Child Act 2001 is now serving an 18-month sentence. However, the police did not mention why and how the video managed to surface recently.

    Facebook users reacted in disgust and outrage to the video... (End excerpts)
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    "The Palestinian/Israeli issue (more accurately, the conflict between Jews and Muslims) could never be resolved permanently." -- reedak

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    Its a very difficult situation. Who knows, maybe Chen's family wouldn't have discarded him had he not been blind. He would have no problem to carry on the family's line, even if disabled. But are we exaggerating the situation in China? Look at the population growth in India...while there are problems, it isn't disastrous at this time. In fact, the Indians will even overtake the Chinese population in 2038.

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    USEmb8zzy: Chen Guangcheng is @chaoyanghospital. Safe & well. US-China trade talks begin tomorrow. Fingers crossed!
    Romney4Prez: Obama administration gives shelter 2 outlaws and radical socialists @ChenGC in China!! Would NEVER happen under President Romney
    Beijing_Daily: It’s looking like a lovely Blue Sky Day!
    Sumyungguy: REALLY? Demand proof, otherwise US lies RT@USEmb8zzy Chen @chaoyanghospital. Safe, well. Trade talks to begin tomorrow!
    ReporterTim: Am at @chaoyanghospital, getting antibiotics 4 chest infection. No sign of @ChenGC. Will investigate further
    Sumyungguy: This is BULL(*)(*)(*)(*)! Conspiracy? MT@ReporterTom: Am at @chaoyanghospital, getting antibiotics 4 chest infection. No sign of @ChenGC.
    Activ1stGrl: Just spoke to @ChenGC, sez not @chaoyanghospital, v , no US diplos, wz betra8yed by HClinton, sez hospital food suckz
    USEmb8zzy: Looking forward to those trade talks
    Sumyungguy: OMG!! Plz RT, RT @Activ1stGrl: Just spoke to @ChenGC, sez not @chaoyanghospital, v L, no US diplos, wz betra8yed by Hclinton, sez hospital food suckz
    Beijing_Daily: Plans to reduce tariffs for HelloKitty pillows close to conclusion. Just need @AmbLocke to concede on colors
    ReporterTim: Looking for @ChenGC at @chaoyanghospital, got lost in obstetrician ward for two hours, no signs anywhere. Nurses v unfriendly. Also, food suckz
    Activ1stGrl: Foreign media lies! My friend jst spk to @ChenGC, sez @USEmb8zzy stole his sunglasses
    Romney4Prez: Free sunglasses 4 all @Romney4Prez followers. Summer coming, gonna need sunglasses
    Beijing_Daily: @USEmb8zzy must apologize for history, starting with Victorious War to Defend Our Korean Friends Against US Aggression (1950-1952)
    Beijing_Daily: Acc 2 “foreign expert,” above war also known as “Korean War.” Apology still required.
    Sumyungguy: EVERYBODY! @USEmb8zzy has screwed @ChenGC, sez his food is bad, no reception on phone DO SOMETHING! Please RT!! RT!
    ReporterTim: Finally found some cough syrup @chaoyanghospital. But no sign of @ChenGC
    USEmb8zzy: Progress at talks, regarding UN security issues, Iran nuclear proliferation. Both sides v happy.
    Romney4Prez: Obama has betrayed @ChenGC, Chinese blind lawyer with Real American Values. Day of Shame.
    ReporterTim: Just had (*)(*)(*)(*) kicked out of me @chaoyanghospital 4 no reason. Luckily am at @chaoyanghospital
    USEmb8zzy: WTF? RT @Activ1stGrl: My friend jst spk to @ChenGC, sez @USEmb8zzy stole his sunglasses
    Beijing_Daily: The lonely clown busks at midnight, wiping away a hidden tear
    USEmb8zzy: +1 RT @Beijing_Daily: The lonely clown busks at midnight, wiping away a hidden tear
    Activ1stGrl: Just spk to @ChenGC, sez he made mistake, really loves @USEmb8zzy, nurse put his sunglasses in drawer! AW! My bad!
    Sumyungguy: OMG, please RT, MT @Activ1stGrl: Just spk to @ChenGC, sez he loves @USEmb8zzy, nurse put sunglasses in drawer! AW! My bad!
    ChenGC: In US! Can finally use Twitter. Hi, tweeps?
    Romney4Prez: Obama administration has lost control of immigration, borders. Sad day for Real Americans RT @ChenGC: In US! Can finally use Twitter. Hi, tweeps?

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    Is it funny or sad that Chen Guangcheng thinks America is "a beacon of equality and human rights"..?

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    Quote Originally Posted by tok3z View Post
    Is it funny or sad that Chen Guangcheng thinks America is "a beacon of equality and human rights"..?
    Whether funny or not, well-wishers would like to see him returning to his home village in Shandong one day not as a barefoot lawyer, but a full-fledged lawyer, armed with a pair of American leather shoes and a few simple words of English.
    "The Palestinian/Israeli issue (more accurately, the conflict between Jews and Muslims) could never be resolved permanently." -- reedak

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    One-child policy comin' back an' bitin' China onna butt...

    Ageing China: Changes and challenges
    19 September 2012 - China's population is ageing. By 2050 more than a quarter of the population will be over 65 years old and younger generations face an unprecedented burden of care.
    Fewer children

    In the late 1970s and early 1980s, the government advocated a "later, longer, fewer" lifestyle, encouraging people to marry later, have wide gaps between children and fewer children overall. It also instated the controversial one-child policy. These were attempts to curb population growth in a bid to help modernise the economy. Chinese women are having fewer children, but having a smaller generation follow a boom generation - and longer life expectancies - means that by 2050, it is expected that for every 100 people aged 20-64, there will be 45 people aged over 65, compared with about 15 today.

    The 4-2-1 family

    Only children from single-child parents face what is known as the 4-2-1 phenomenon: when the child reaches working age, he or she could have to care for two parents and four grandparents in retirement. One-child couple Zini and Lin are in that situation, and their family are concerned.

    One-child success?

    China's fertility rate - the average number of children a woman has in their lifetime - is 1.6, which is lower than the rate in the UK and the US. The Chinese government believes the one-child policy curtailed population growth, and that it prevented 400 million extra births. The BBC asked Cai Yong, a population expert at the University of North Carolina, to estimate what the country's population growth would have been without the one-child policy. His findings suggest that China's fertility would have declined at a similar rate without the one-child policy and would continue to decline even if the policy was discarded.

    How did the one-child policy affect population levels?

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