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Thread: November...Thread and or post of the month nominations

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    Default November...Thread and or post of the month nominations

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    The deepest insights come from trying to see the unifying root of two apparently antagonistic branches.
    John Piper

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    I would like to submit the following for post-of-the-month by Darkbane, because of the sheer brilliance of the idea he puts forth about a "none of the above" to option to choose when voting for president.


    this is why voters need to be given a "none of thee above" option for every election... because sometimes primary candidates run unopposed, so how could they get a better choice from the ideals they feel match them the most, and how could they remove two crummy choices put forward by both parties... "none of thee above" would be a simple way to ensure they can remove candidates from a party they support, if they don't bring someone the people view as quality... it would also solve this pesky problem we have of judges who almost run unopposed in damn near 95% of elections nationwide... check your ballot on tuesday, I bet there will be several judges up for re-election, and I bet all those local judges will be unopposed... you can't tell me not a single person wants the job, its just the good ole boys club that punishes any lawyer who opposes a sitting judge once that lawyer ends up back in the court rooms, thats why it almost never happens in this country, aside from state judge races...

    P.S. and its even worse, when one party doesn't even bother to run a candidate, because the area is controlled exclusively by a super majority of one party, so nobody gets ANY power since there is nobody running against some of those politicians... this is why "none of thee above" would help those folks who don't like the one candidate running unopposed because the other party has zero chance to win anyhow...
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    I may be on the side of the angels...but don't think for one second that I am one of them.

    If you voted for Trump or Clinton, you don't get to complain about government corruption, dishonesty, and unethical behavior. You just voted for it.

    Republicans, be glad that when Trump was deciding which party would take him that yours was the most desperate. He could have easily ended up a Democrat and you would have had to suck it up and vote for a D to get your "anti-establishment" "uprising".

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    i nominate this post even though i disagree with it because it offers a thoughtful opinion
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    Quote Originally Posted by spiritgide View Post
    As one of the poorer half that voted for Trump- and one whose income tax alone would support several families, and one who has never taken so much as an unemployment check from the public trough...

    I say you are looking at one side of the picture, with little knowledge of the other. The lib side has tried to portray the conservative side as some kind of lesser class that can be dismissed- I think in part because of too much self-approval for the grandeur of liberal ideas that just don't work in the real world. Some say lacking a college degree means you are uneducated- but life and the world is an education, one that some learn from and some don't. Like the guy with a PhD who was a warehouse janitor for me for years, because he didn't know how to actually use all that knowledge his parents bought for him. In the end, people that can make things happen and work are the people who make a difference.

    Of course, it takes a certain amount of money to live a reasonable level lifestyle. IF you have some skill and are productive, you can have that. The error here is the concept of entitlement- that the "living wage" is something owed to you, not something you earn. The biggest fallacy for the liberal point of view is that you are not in charge of your own life- and therefore not responsible for what you do or think. Believing that is abdicating your own power and control over your life to others who will never have your best interests at the top of the list. It's surrendering the right to self-respect... the ability to look in the mirror, know that you can handle whatever life throws at you and still like who you are. Nobody can give you that; you must earn it from yourself. If it were such that you were handed a vast fortune- the power of self-respect would not come with it. The only person who can make you happy with life is you- and so long as you sit in the back of the bus and complain because it's not going your way, that power will not be yours.

    Millions of people built the nation with far less than we have today- and worked far harder so that we could build an even greater nation today- they did not do that so we could feed off their work and whine our way to poverty. The "Great Society" that the libs envision is based on this concept that productivity is slavery. Even Bernie Sanders life is an example- in his hippy days, he was kicked out of a commune because he wouldn't work. His net worth is about $300,000 after years of congressional paychecks- but I keep more than that in my bank account, in spite of my not having a degree. He was not exactly the shining example of fine management, but millions loved his message that someone else was to blame, that they owed his followers and and he would make them pay. Irresponsible is too kind a word for that.

    For many years, I was a partner in a Scuba school- a hobby kind of out of control, that allowed me to travel and dive wonderful places. In doing this- I always wound up asking myself the same question. I would look at these huge reefs and vast collections of life in all sizes and varieties. Everything was alive- and everything was thriving. In their world, the big, small, weak and strong all thrived. There was no government, no politicians, no regulation. No laws or police, no lawyers, no religions, no doctors or hospitals- and there was no trash. They were not poisoning their world, not destroying anything- yet they lived in a thriving harmony of success. I would always ask myself- "What do they know that we don't know?"

    I didn't go there understanding what I do now, and my life wasn't so hot then. The answer took me years to figure out, but I did. Every living thing there accepts responsibility for itself. Each and every one was given, by nature- all it needed to be itself, and very successfully. That is the first purpose in life, to be responsible for yourself. The differences between them didn't matter because each had what it need to succeed. I realized that I must have that too- and from that moment on, I lived by what I learned that day. Best decision I ever made.

    Opportunity is everywhere, in both good times and bad. It's open to the poor as well as the rich. But it is not visible to the closed mind, to the unmotivated, to the angry victims of evil employers, and those who do not know that the power over their own life is truly their power. Power that you will never have until you are willing to get your butt in the drivers seat and take control, somebody else is running it. It's not up to others to make your life what you want it to be- it's up to you. Same for everybody, regardless of politics.
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    'I've had a hard life, so too should you' People of Power.

    UnAmerican not to be for Trump,Tariffs and Huge Wall,Patriotism=Lower Taxes

    Democrats: Freedom For Rich Republicans: Freedom For Rich

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    Some wonderful posts can be found in casual chat. This is one of several worthwhile posts
    Quote Originally Posted by AmericanNationalist View Post
    Sup gal. Not sure if you're still reading this forum, and you definitely have a big decision ahead of you. It's hard for me to really weigh in because these are college-level decisions you're making and our education system over here didn't really put it in those stark terms until we were 18(and even then, personally I only entered college at age 20. Nothing holding me back really, I just needed a break.)


    The deepest insights come from trying to see the unifying root of two apparently antagonistic branches.
    John Piper

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    Quote Originally Posted by Shangrila View Post
    Some wonderful posts can be found in casual chat. This is one of several worthwhile posts

    Quote Originally Posted by Tcassa89
    I didn't mean to imply that any of what I listed are exclusively causing white nationalism to rise in popularity, but rather the combination of these things are a factor. Globalization does fall under the category of what people consider to be an identity crisis, and thus a part of the anti-globalization movement has attracted white nationalists. This isn't to say that people who are anti-globalist are all white nationalists, but when there is a feeling of political unrest within a society it can attract a variety of movements. For example, the financial crisis in Greece lead to both the Greek nationalist and Greek communist parties gaining seats in parliament. The unrest felt towards globalization has in part had a similar reaction, in that we've seen movements of different political spectrums gain popularity as a result.. but again, this is not to pin the blame on globalization alone. It is a variety of things that have stirred this reaction.

    If I were to point to one behavior in particular that has been the cause for the increase in white nationalism, I would argue it is the outlook people have regarding their identities. That is, when individuals separate themselves from the individualist prospective, and view their identity as something that is mostly given and fixed rather than something that is chosen and formed. So their political emphasis then becomes about the things in their identity that they did not choose, such as their gender, their sexuality, their skin color, and so on. They then hear these remarks about heterosexual white men, and don't think of them in terms of systematic disparities, but an attack on their own identity.

    and the thing is, they are not wrong to have this reaction, because they are actually reacting the same way people of every other demographic reacts. That's the arrogance of this particular form of modern day liberalism (what I like to call "internet" liberalism), they have this full understanding of what is offensive to minorities and LGBTs, but then they talk about heterosexual white men as if they're supposed to have a different kind of reaction as everyone else. For some people it is quite personal, they may be someone who is flat broke, is having a hard time finding a new job, and has several friends who were layed off from their jobs, but then they're basically told that they cannot be underprivileged because they are white, male, and heterosexual. It's like telling a person "sure you have no money and are living out on the streets, but you're also a part of a demographic that makes up 90% of all billionaires, so things aren't really that bad for you"

    Well no, that's not how peoples' minds work, not everyone who is a white male heterosexual is a billionaire, and they actually take offense to these broad generalizations that everyone else takes offense to. This again is an example of how a situation can get two different reactions, you might be thinking that this particular group of liberals are among the group of people who view their identity as being chosen and formed, in actuality they believe in everything being systemic to the point of telling you that gender is a social construct. While they do in many ways rebel against the idea of identity being something that is set and given, in most ways they are actually firm believers in the idea. They may want this to change, but they believe in the idea being our reality to an extreme level. To the point where they are blind to the struggle of individuals who don't fall under their category of underprivileged people, and I would say that Ms Duham is an example of this kind of person (internet liberal)

    This isn't to say that systemic disparities do not exist, but we need to start thinking of things from an individualist perspective. This is something that both the left and right need to work on. You can't expect people to think "well I'm not going to take offense to this because I'm from a privileged demographic" but you also mustn't be so bent on your idea of a "set" identity that you view every little thing you don't agree with as an attack on you and your demographic. You might not like Obama's policies and you may be against high levels of immigration for economic reasons, but neither of them are an act of genocide against you. Sorry, but they aren't (note, the last line is directed towards white nationalists specifically, I am not accusing anyone specifically of holding these views)

    Not really a poster that I agree on with many issues, but on THIS one he understands the crux of the movement of many people who would not identify with derogatory movements but nevertheless would put Trump or anyone for that matter in, over the Liberals who slandered their good names.
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    "Fascism is against the destructiveness of the left and the backwardness of the right" - Benito Mussolini

    "It originated as a movement in which one man alone believed, then a band of martyrs, then finally a population and then a Nation!"-Benito Mussolini.

    "Anti-intellectualism has been a constant thread winding its way through our political and cultural life,
    nurtured by the false notion that democracy means that 'my ignorance is just as good as your knowledge."
    Isaac Asimov

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    I humbly submit me and the KLF. Why? Because it is great music.

    The KLF - Live From The Lost Continent 2012


    August 23, 1994. In the escapade that would become the go-to example of the KLF’s lunacy (or idiocy, depending on who you ask), Drummond and Cauty chartered a plane to the Scottish Isle of Jura with the sole intention of burning one million pounds in the name of art. In the days where artists were still able to make a healthy living from record sales, the burning was a provocative statement on the fleeting fortune that mainstream pop affords (although their reasoning for the burning changes from day-to-day). Mostly though, people saw it as just plain stupid – even the band themselves, at times. Cauty and Drummond were described as being ‘haunted’ by the burning, and when asked in a BBC News interview in 2004 if he regretted what he’d done, Drummond changed his answer from the simple “...No…” to, “Of course I regret it – who wouldn’t?” For perhaps the first time in their career, a band who were known for being famously unapologetic became almost, well, apologetic. And besides, they didn’t even burn the full million – according to Drummond, around 100,000 flew up through the chimney and ended up scattered across the Scottish Hebrides.

    Everybody lie down on the floor and remain calm. This is what KLF is about, also known as: The Justified Ancients of Mu-Mu.


    What Time is Love?


    3am Eternal. Radio Freedom.


    In the year of our Lord Nine-ninety two,
    The Justified Ancients of Mu Mu
    Set sail in their long boats
    On a voyage to rediscover the lost continent.

    After many months on perilous, stormy seas,
    Their search was fruitless.
    Just when all seemed lost,
    They discovered america (America)

    The music you are about to experience
    Is the celebration of the one thousandth anniversary
    Of their founding of this great nation.

    For when the drop does come, it doesn't drop in the way they were hoping. It drops down right back down further than they were when they started. - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=47nI...ature=youtu.be

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