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  • wikileaks

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  • other

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Thread: Propaganda

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    Quote Originally Posted by One Mind View Post
    RT, what I watch on it, allows one to see the men which MSM has blacked out, the counter voices to American gov't propaganda. Men like Ray McGovern, and Dr. Paul Roberts, William Binney and others. This isn't propaganda it's speaking truth to power, which MSM will not do .

    RT may use propaganda within Russia, but at least what I watch on RT is not propaganda, unless you want to call americans like I mentioned speaking truth to power propaganda. I relate propaganda to a clever intent to manufacture consent, by nefarious methods, to pass off a lie as fact. The americans who appear on RT, the ones I mentioned, and even Ron Paul are concerned, honest americans with integrity just trying to get some facts out, which MSM avoids. So of course our intel would not be happy with RT.

    Most of our propaganda comes from MSM not RT. The people who claim RT is a major propaganda arm for Russia do not watch RT. They are just repeating what they have been told to think, and are not concerned and serious enough about reality to confirm it for themselves.
    You are so right! And one of the main areas that MSM avoids nearly any useful, enlightening commentary is on the ECONOMY -- probably because it makes so many Democrats and RINO's (and the Federal Reserve System that dictates to both of them) look negligent, incompetent, and generally corrupt.

    RT serves us interesting information on the U. S. economy, the Russian economy, AND the entire world-wide economy, too. If you haven't seen any of Max Keiser's programs on the economy, you don't know what you've been missing. I recommend them highly, and believe me, Max doesn't kiss anybody's ass... not Putin's or anyone else's.... Link:
    The U. S. has cultured half its citizens to HATE everything we stand for. There will be no "greatness" for them, and they will drag the OTHER half, who love America, down WITH them!

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    I can speak of one great propaganda success. With a republican congress and republican President. People still think the most watched news channel in America is not main stream media.
    The truth is neither right or is the truth.

    The worst lesson a man can learn is to depend on others and whine about his suffering.

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    Assange is not a US leader,
    and I believe that all US presidents are really Americans who always defend their very own homeland, mostly if it is the homeland who made them great and succeed to become President. They are not perfect mostly if they have to deal with two ideologies when seated and most of the time pressured with those believers their peers in political belief who tossed them to become one. Believe in your leader and because he is not perfect you can criticize him sometimes but rely on him because he/she is for you.

    Assange is just a revealer of something hidden, regardless if it will create chaos or not, something should be hidden of course, that is why the CIA which defended USA causes kept their operation secret.
    Politics, it seems to me, for years, or all too long, has been concerned with right or left instead of right or wrong.

    Richard Armour

    The Radical Center: The Future of American Politics

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    Quote Originally Posted by An Old Guy View Post
    No, those appeared to be opinion, not propaganda. Sort of like all the anti Obama threads over the years...........
    Many things that you can certainly blame on Obama. Assuming Hillary is going to win by a landslide is completely different. You're comparing apples to jet fuel
    Pick up your rope and follow me, Air Assault infantry.
    "I'm too drunk to taste this chicken" -COL Sanders

    Courage is not being fearless. It's doing the feared. REAPER 1/50

    Tom Brady!!! Drive for 5!!!

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