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Thread: US tanks arrive in Germany to help Nato defences

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    Quote Originally Posted by Mr. Swedish Guy View Post
    I'm not going to join you in pretending there is an equivalence. Democracy and capitalism is superior to communism. Coups are not an honorable or preferable method, but yes, I believe that the US saved a lot of countries from themselves by keeping them from going communist. Look at Cuba, that sad miserable excuse of a country. Other countries could have turned out that way too, if there hadn't be a coup or two to prevent them. Henry Kissinger said it best: "We don't need to let a country go communist because of the irresponsibility of its people".
    And who gave the USA the right to play the world prosecutor, judge and juror to decide what is good for other independent countries? Are they also having the right to decide what is good for Sweden to save them against themselves if in US opinion on bad way?

    Grenada would have been worse off today if communists rule was allowed, and Vietnam would have been better today if communists were stopped.. No, it's not the same thing at all. Stopping communists with force is totally justified.
    A general debate of communism versus capitalism is superfluous at least, because will bring nothing more as an endless discussion which ongoing since end of WW-2 with no end!
    Obviously you are a still fighting cold war warrior in your mind … I respect this opinion, but I do not follow your thinking here.

    Obviously, the west was arrogant in ignoring Russia, since Russia is still clearly a capable power. it is unfortunate though, that Russian sense of being "important" entails subjugating their neighbors. if that is what is needed in order to have "good relations" with Russia, maybe it isn't worth it?
    So your “accusing” against Russia is their behavior against neighbors? Then wake up and see what the USA does all the time too!
    The problem is that there is now someone after end of cold war and fall of USSR who is acting the same way as the USA too … and this is making the bad taste for the West. Only ridiculous reactions if at all and not following the USA instead with their criminal attack on Iraq in 2003 but be aware if anyone else is doing the same too!

    Question is, why does Russia see NATO and EU inherently as enemies? EU is basically just an economic group.. They want to trade lots with russia, and russia has very much to gain by trading with them. NATO is defensive. Russian rethoric is much about how threatening NATO is, but I honestly believe that all Russian officials know that this is 100% bs. NATO isn't a threat to Russia and Russia knows it. No, Russia isn't threatened... That's not the problem. The problem is that they don't feel "respected". Russia wants to be able to dominate their neighbors, but if they're part of a large economic or military bloc, that becomes very hard.
    Answer is that the “West” including NATO does its best to make Russia believing this! Tell me why there must be this anti IBM system installed in Poland against these so dangerous Iranian and North Korean IBM’s? Do you really believe this total BS of reasoning?
    If yes, then ask yourself why these systems are not installed in Turkey or Greece which are clear nearer as Poland to the threats!
    And if you really start to ask this, then take a closer look on the pure technical background of these systems in Poland and the real (!) threat of the Iranian and North Korean missiles, for example their range data which are coming from same source who reason that these systems have to be in Poland!

    If you don’t wake up after this, then you should maybe look on the so called encircling of US and NATO around Russia. Sure, you can start to argue that these are no threats against Russia again, but will the USA allow any bases of Russia (or China) in Central America in reverse as it is demanded from Russia to accept about US bases etc.?

    I actually hope that Mexico turns to China just to p!ss off trump. It would be funny to watch.
    I totally agree … and this “scenario” is everything bit not unrealistic! Trump does its best to annoy Mexico and also to annoy China too. So not unlikely that 2 countries being kicked in the “peep” by Trump will become suddenly a friend. Who was before Syria aware that Russia and Iran are closer friend too … or even: Who of our so smart educated and everything knowing Westerners know that Syria and Russia are very close friends since over 60 years and that USSR / Russia has since decades an important base in Syria?
    Crusades, Witch Burning, Inquisition, Forced Missionary, Devils Expulsion ... We Christians know how to make party!

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    America has always been blaming the Russians, the EU applies the same tactics when it comes to politics. You won't believe how many times politicans have said something along the lines of "We have to vote this way, or do things this way. Otherwise you're doing something that Putin likes/benefits Putin." They don't even try to argue their point of view anymore, they just point at Russia and expect you to go along with what they say. If the Dutch vote no on a referendum regarding Ukraine, that means that it is not the will of the people, or some other cause such as all the refugees/immigrants that are pouring in. No, it's not that years back a Dutch no vote was also ignored and that the Dutch people, much like other people in Europe, are sick and tired of being ignored by their politicans and the EU. It is abolutely none of that, obviously. It's all so clear, it's just the Russians! With their mind control technology, there is no other reasonable explanation, clearly.

    Russia is just protecting its sphere of influence. America and NATO have been trying to push into this sphere of influence for years, just look at Georgia. They have done the same in Ukraine by overthrowing a corrupt but democratically elected government. In the end nothing has changed, there are still corruption scandals but atleast the government looks favourably upon America. Of course Russia is going to lash out, especially if they might lose their base in Crimea. It's not acceptable by international law, but America isn't respecting international law all that much either. In my opinion they also do not have the right to point the finger at Russia whilst they themselves continue to support Israel, it's the pot calling the kettle black.

    As for Syria, I believe that Russia is doing the right thing. The opposition the EU and America supports are mostly islamic extremists, the only exception being the Kurds. We do not want another Libya, if anything history should have taught America that removing a leading figure will lead to collapse. Actually, they know but they do not care. Any regime is better then a regime that supports a country that is not in line with The United States.
    "The law is harsh, but it is the law."

    "The death of one man is a tragedy, the death of a million is a statistic."

    "Death solves all problems - no man, no problem."

    "Knowledge and patience, the only counter to greater skill."

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