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Thread: Genocide Linked General is Guatemala's Next President after Fraudulant Election

  1. Default Genocide Linked General is Guatemala's Next President after Fraudulant Election

    School of the Americas trained/CIA backed General Otto Pérez Molina was in the service of Ríos Montt’s scorched earth operations as the director of the D-2 Directorate of Intelligence "when the D-2 carried out extrajudicial executions," according to a Defense Intelligence Agency (DIA) cable.

    Guatemalan Armed Forces' documents show that Ríos Montt layed the foundation for the military plans Victoria 82, Firmeza 83, and Plan Sofia in which the military used counterinsurgency operations to "exterminate the subversive elements in the area - Quiché" which the 1999 UN-sponsored Historical Clarification Commission determined were "acts of genocide against groups of Mayan people." Mostly the elderly, woman and children. The Commission found:

    In the majority of massacres there is evidence of multiple acts of savagery..Acts such as the killing of defenceless children, often by beating them against walls or throwing them alive into pits where the corpses of adults were later thrown; the amputation of limbs; the impaling of victims; the killing of persons by covering them in petrol and burning them alive; the extraction, in the presence of others, of the viscera (internal organs) of victims who were still alive; the confinement of people who had been mortally tortured, in agony for days; the opening of the wombs of pregnant women, and other similarly atrocious acts, were not only actions of extreme cruelty against the victims, but also morally degraded the perpetrators and those who inspired, ordered or tolerated these actions.

    Journalist Allan Nairn was with the General just as the Guatemalan armed forces were carrying out massacres of entire Indian villages. Nairn's photographer is taking pictures of the bodies as Nairn questions the General

    Otto Pérez Molina talking to reporter Alan Nairn near Nebaj, Quiche, circa 1982. From the documentary, Deadline: Guatemala.

    The National Security Archive: Otto Pérez Molina, Guatemalan President-Elect, with “Blood on his hands”

    Today, the National Security Archive is revisiting previously posted documents that detail Pérez Molina’s military career and link him to human rights atrocities committed during Guatemala’s 36-year internal conflict. The documents provide evidence of the retired General’s involvement in “scorched earth” campaigns in the 1980s and an account of his rise to high levels of influence and power within the Guatemalan intelligence apparatus.
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