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Thread: Division between Social Classes

  1. Default Division between Social Classes

    In today’s tumultuous economic and political battleground, it has come to light that the devision of the social strata has occurred on an enormous scale, separating the Wall Street millionaire from the average person in virtually every way. This has caused the “high-mindedness” that we see so often in today’s political arena, from which some of the Republicans’ less brilliant ideas have sprung, such as the idea to drastically reduce the food stamp, and many other necessary programs, to the point where their help would reach barely anyone at all, leaving thousands starving on the streets. Is this the society we wish to live in, one haunted by the starving masses rioting for bread in the streets? The division that is occurring today is horrendous, to the point whereto acts and regulations of the federal government are being affected, negatively impacting the economy and causing the people to lose faith in their leaders. The longer these divisions have to take hold, the closer the citizens of the United States will come masses rioting in the streets, the more out of touch our government will be, and the closer the U.S. will come toward the disorder and anger toward the government so prevalent in the Middle Eastern countries of today.

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    We have become a fat and lazy country. We have had it good for more than a century and now some things are being taken away from a segment of the population that has come to expect them. There has always been class distinction in America. The "Blue Bloods" look down their nose at "new money" and new money looks down its nose at the middle class and the middle class looks down its nose at the poor and homeless. People move to the other side of the street to avoid a homeless person. It is human nature to think you are better than someone else. It's only those who are truly on the bottom that don't have the time to do this.

    I'm not mad or angry at anyone who is wealthy. heck, some of my best friends are wealthy and I don't hold that against them. And there are some people I simply don't like that are wealthy and it's not their wealth I don't like...it's their personalities or lack thereof. I think someone (The Great and Magnificent OZ perhaps) behind some curtain controlling our emotions so we bicker with ech other and ignore what the government is doing. They probably do want riots in the street, then they can control us with martial Law. Don't be succered-in by this. Embrace a rich person.
    "If Republicans wanted to Destroy America, they would Vote Democrat."

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