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Thread: Why do Men rape Women?

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    Quite a few people have doubts about the idea that most rapes are not sexually driven but instead about power. For the time being I'll go with the specialists idea that was formed from years of research amongst scientific peers rather than from a strangers gut feeling.
    A post earlier mentioned some women having rape fantasies. All I can say is those were fantasies I'm certain those women would not want to actually be raped. I know it sounds absurd to have a fantasy like that but are more "normal" fantasies much better?
    For example: You watch an action movie and think "wow... it sure would be cool to like that hero!" However, the reality of that movie would be you getting shot at by tons of guys with your life in constant danger regardless of what amazing skills or cool gadgets you had. I doubt it would be as fun as your fantasy made it out to be.
    All of that said I'm certain its possible some rapists may simply not care that they are causing harm to someone. That doesn't neccessarily mean they are sociopaths they may just not have learned any differently. Supposedly right and wrong are subjective.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Anders Hoveland View Post
    You ask, "Why do men rape women?"

    The startling truth is that most [more than 50%] rapes in the USA are comitted by black or middle eastern men.
    So the real question is "Why do blacks and middle easterners rape women?"

    59.9% of arrested rapists in the USA (year 2000) were black. White females accounted for 54 percent of rape victims in 2000, 56 percent of these were 21 years of age or younger; black females accounted for 44 percent of rape victims, 61 percent of those were 21 years of age or younger.

    Before you start putting the blame on all men, perhaps you should have done a little more research into who the rapists actually are.

    Where did I put all the blame on men? Where did I even suggest there is blame to be had? Read my OP again and I think you'll see that I gave reasons why men rape women, as is the message gleaned from the title of the post. Nothing about blaming anyone--be it the man or the woman.
    If you want to anger a liberal, tell him the truth.
    If you want to anger a Conservative, tell him a lie.

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