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Oct 16, 2016
    1. spt5
      Hey Cass, have you disappeared? Political Forum (including this one) is missing you.
    2. <IF> Marius
      <IF> Marius
      Yes, definitely was me. And I did.
    3. jedimiller
      I came out with with abortion. see my thread.
    4. Awryly
      Thanks, Cass.

      I made a New Year's resolution to stop coming here.

      But the temptations were too much.
    5. Iamyourfather
      good post the islamists are bad people numbers game is crippling the latest news fromt page not least because people are trying to now keep up with comparative Israel or Christian stories. Stickies should be made
    6. spt5
      Thanks Cass. And thanks for accepting my friend request. I think it is really great to be your friend! I like your posts a lot, I think you are really cool, and your posts are a great source of information.
    7. S.D.
      I will be going to Istanbul next year, love the byzantine era, and I am an ancient history fanatic.
      Would like to speak with you about your experiences in Turkey !

    8. The Turk
      The Turk
      Yep, that's right! Ravenna is a must see. You should go there!
    9. The Turk
      The Turk
      Yep, the mighty emperor Justinian I. But this portrait is from an ancient Byzantine church in Ravenna, Italy.
    10. The Turk
      The Turk
      Yep Turkey also has quite rich medieval history: Byzantine and Ottomans. So much to learn! :D
    11. The Turk
      The Turk
      That's nice to hear! Since you're interested in the ancient history, I would like to invite you to worldhistoria dot com. We talk history there!

      I really appriciate your interest in Turkey and Anatolia!
    12. The Turk
      The Turk
      Yeah. I know. Anzacs are now part of our history too. They were brave soldiers. Have you ever been to Canakkale, Gallipoli?
    13. The Turk
      The Turk
      Hosgeldiniz is the plural form of it. Plurals are also used for formal communication, that's why computer says so! :D

      Anyway where're you from?
    14. The Turk
      The Turk
      Thank you Cass! It's so nice of you to welcome me in my own language! :D

      Hosgeldin is correct!
    15. 00sd45
      WHAHAHA (Re: dick tax.) This is very good too. ROFLMFAO I wanted to rep you for this one but the rep system won't work. What if the government puts a tax lean on it, will I get it back if a woman cosigns for it? WHAHAHA
    16. Shangrila
      Thank you for your kind words.
    17. Carls
      freedom o f speech if your are right wing.
      i hope t o see you in different forum. :)

    18. Carls
    19. GrumpyDog
      Cassandrabananabra , has anyone sent you a message about a site called "Pottersville" wanting personal information, like a real name, and such? I decided to try several "real" sounding names, and they declined to register me, then sent message saying they need real name. How they know what I typed was not my real name.? Sounds like a scam to me. I told em to if they CIA go f themselves and I did not want to be member. But they send back a message to try to keep me talking. I just thought I warn you.
    20. Carls
    21. MegadethFan
      No worries, you deserve better words than those I think.
    22. GrumpyDog
      Its well past midnight now, and no thief in the night came, so guess nothing happened...wait..........I hear something...................... I see something.............. I
    23. GrumpyDog
      Hello renaissance person, from dog with mental problem. Why PF so serious now? Except for Awryly, and New Zealand not exceptional threads, no body laughing much. If you respond, either world did not end on May 21 2012, or it did, and you missed the rapture.
    24. psgchisolm
      It's cool. The religious fanatics(Right-wing Theocratic Christians) are just as bad as the brain-washed muslim ones.
    25. Bowerbird
      You sure know your early Christian history!! Kudos
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    "An era ends when its illusions can no longer be sustained" - Arthur Miller