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Oct 16, 2016
    1. Makedde
      Hehe, be a good girl, wont you? Hey, whereabouts in Oz are you?
    2. Makedde
      Yeah, I know what you mean. It can get frustrating with all the (*)(*)(*)(*) and you cant work out whats being said, lol. You are okay - I had to edit that post about 4 times before I could make it stand out, hehe. Looks like I have some practicing to do!
    3. flounder
      Gee that's awful hun. I almost lost my son like that, I know what a horrible phone call that is. You just never know, no matter how old they are. Hope all is well you have my prayers.
    4. Praxis.
      Yay! Thanks :)
    5. rstones199
      LOL - Your posts are well thought out replys to the nonsense on this board. That why they are a good read. I dont have the patients to deal with people like that.
    6. rstones199
      I have to say Cassandra, your posts are always a good read. I'm glad you are on this site :)
    7. Praxis.
      I haven't been here long, but you seem to be one of a small group of ppl who appear to be sane; of course, my definition of sane is that others must think like me :mrgreen: (or similarly, anyway).

      Would it be too premature or forward of me to make a contact/friend request of you?
    8. wyly
      "a bit rude but perusing these forums its the conclusion you reach. cass"...yeah it was a bit rude, more so than I intended...I sometimes get a wee bit grumpy dealing with illogical people...
    9. rstones199
      rstones199 - Heres the article I was reading.

      From the article:

      Some nuns and other believers champion the brain scans as proof of an innate, physical conduit between human beings and God. According to them, it would only make sense that God would give humans a way to communicate with the Almighty through their brain functions.
    10. rstones199
      I read about this a couple of years ago actually. The reason why I haven't mentioned this in any of posts, is because it is easy for the religious nut-jobs to say "isn't wonderful that god has hardwired in us a way to talk to him”. And I got that quote from the article I read a couple if years ago. All you can do is roll your eyes and say whatever.
    11. rstones199
      You are welcome. That was a great post you made :)
    12. rstones199
    13. HillBilly
      Yeah , I think so too.. my new Austrailian friend... : )
    14. HillBilly
      Wow , that's really cool , cassandrabandra , to be able to see that... : ) you watch roos and I watch whitetail deer the same way ... : )

      We are continents apart , my new friend , but we are in perfect accord in how you and I both revere Nature... :peace:

      It's a starting point towards a great friendship that I look forward to , my friend.:peace:

      You and I may not agree about God , but we sure do agree on the wonders that we see all about us.... :hug:
    15. katiegrrl0
      well thank you. Hugzzzz
    16. katiegrrl0
      i guess it takes all kinds to make a world. sometimes i question some of the types. LOL
    17. katiegrrl0
      CIA and i have never gotten along
    18. katiegrrl0
      hugzzzz .................
    19. philxx
      Thanks for the reply its good to have friends hope things going well .sorry didn't get back to u sooner am new to the medium.Crashed out badly last night after a marathon some of the people on this site defy belief a lot of re education has to take place.but on the whole its pretty good .What part of this silly place r u residing i am in wooloomooloo how bout u.
    20. philxx
      How u going see u out there stop eating kangaroo tail cant get enough myself
    21. Leesha
      I know. And if you were to try point it out to them that they are they'd deny it.

      No problem =] You make it pretty easy to be =P
    22. Leesha
      Oi, i had to try SOO hard to refrain from asking where they learned their intolerance and ignorance from. >.<

      Anyway. I like your style of debate =]
    23. Leesha
      Glad you like it =]
      I've been here for over a year now!
      Left for a while when I got pregnant and had my son though, but now i'm back!
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    "An era ends when its illusions can no longer be sustained" - Arthur Miller