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Dec 24, 2009
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Jan 17, 2010
    1. cassandrabandra
      Thanks for the friend request also, and for your kind words. have seen another side of tragedy - worked with refugees and torture and trauma victims. I am amazed at how resilient people can be. The people like you who are there to help, and do so just cos thats what you do, are remembered and valued long after lives have moved on.
    2. cassandrabandra
      good luck! wish I could/say do something that would help. Think it will be hard, on a lot of levels, but sounds like you are no stranger to being in the field, so you obviously have good coping skills.

      and no matter how tough it is, and how frustrating it will be at times, there will be times when you know, at the end of the day, you've saved a life, or lives. And thats the most important thing.

      really do wish you all th ebest, and luck. will be thinking of you.:)
    3. cassandrabandra
      yeah, golden rule - basic building block of all communities. we lose that - and we create a world where we all go down.
    4. cassandrabandra
      couldn't agree more. we are all part of the same family, and we have far more in common than we do dividing us. if we understand that and treat each other with respect, we can build a future.

      Good on you for being prepared to make a real difference.
    5. cassandrabandra
      All the best for you and your friends. It will be tough down there, but sure you know that!

      I am not sure if these forums, due to anonymity, allow people to say things they never would otherwise, but in the years I have been coming to them I am quite shocked at the lack of humanity I see when there is a major humanitarian crisis. I am glad I never hear this in the flesh. I don't know how I would react.
    6. Solon Wucharia
      Solon Wucharia
      Disagreements don't automatically make enemies any more than agreements automatically friends. Progress is measured through the commingling of contrasting viewpoints.
    7. HillBilly
      Hello Salon ,, we may not always agree on things , but that's OK.....

      you have every right to your own opinions and views on PF....

      whew , that's a real toothy dog ya got there..... haw haw haw ....
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    The cruel irony is that when you get into the business of saving lives, you find yourself surrounded by a disproportionate amount of death...