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Oct 16, 2016
    1. Bowerbird
    2. cassandrabandra
    3. Carls
      do you know were the guy moon is? i dont see him for long time.

      thank you

    4. magnum
      Thanks for accepting my friend request!
    5. B.Larset
      I am so sorry. I think about you all the time. I wanted to write more of Aussie blossoms it isn't the same though. I'll wait till we can talk.
    6. prospect
      Where are you Cassandra ? I hope you are alright.
    7. Shangrila
      Thank you.
    8. B.Larset
    9. B.Larset
      Good I am glad. Your ok. I didn't want to bother you. I wanted to give you some time. I posted our note from your page for a thread Mak was in. I used it for its intended purpose. I'll show you the thread if you want to see it.
    10. OKgrannie
      Thanks for the rep. I can't quite figure out why a 20 year old MAN thinks he knows all about breast-feeding.
    11. Falena
      Thanks for that rep a while ago, Cass. Im catching up here. I really appreciate the kind words. It meant a lot.

      I hope all is well with you and your family.
    12. prospect
      Nice person. :)
    13. B.Larset
      I am good! Thank you for asking. Yea grain of salt I was being fun with you. How is everything here? How is everything there? Do you have a native flower? Something that could represent you as a blossom? The image of innocence and the allure of wonder and appeal through your mystery and the sincere honest way you communicate. Your difference is always as the skeptic- that wary overiding sense of direction guiding us with your earthy view & sense of adventure. I have learned and felt so much from you over the years.
      Your the most engaging and the least vain of women. Apprehension precedes you and the internet has given us an insight into the beauty Australia has to export to us, You. Aussie Blossoms.
    14. moon
      Merry Christmas. m.
    15. tksensei
      You are a very dishonest, hypocritical person. Do some actual work to help refugees before opening your big mouth.
    16. <IF> Marius
      <IF> Marius
      Haha, I love going through the old 'Israel attacks on Flottilla' threads and seeing how many Israeli apologists have been banned.
    17. cassandrabandra
      you know what I'm talking about.

      your bias is all too clear.
    18. Jiyuu-Freedom
      Please don't leave messages on my visitors page like that. P.M. me with a link.
      Thank you.
    19. GrumpyDog
      Are you right, left, or centrist? I am LEFTWING permanently until someone can convince me otherwise. I may even become a MARXIST just to counter the extreme Corporativist propaganda I am seeing on this forum. And although not Christian, I think Jesus was as profound a philosopher as any of the Greek philosophers I have read.
    20. pragueman
      Likewise, most of the people on the Right are complete fools. I'm neither you know. I just like debating intelligently with people. Thank you for your kind words.
    21. Falena
      Yes. Maybe 4 hours sleep a night. I'm trying not to get frustrated or burn out. LOL
    22. Falena
      I'm well. I wish I could manage to sleep past 3. The internal clock is a little off. Aside from that I can't complain.
      I've been pretty busy between work and family.
    23. Falena
      Hi Cass, I hope your doing well. Thanks and I appreciate it.
    24. justonemorevoice
    25. Falena
      Still there. I agree with you.
      I have tired of the name calling and being included in group denigration for quit some time now and remained quiet out of respect for the rules. The amount of insult I have taken here in stride is more than I would ever expect to take in a life time without defending myself. Another lesson in life, Cass.
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    "An era ends when its illusions can no longer be sustained" - Arthur Miller