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Oct 16, 2016
    1. justonemorevoice
      nah not really. im honest.
    2. flounder
      Cass I saw that thread was closed. When I do not get a response after 24 hours I do contact a Mod, they usually thank me and take care of it.
    3. Falena
      I agree. It bothered me so much I had to post something else there now.

      I have to go and get some work done. Great talking to you Cass. Take care.
    4. Falena
      I agree, at this point it can't be taken seriously. The unfortunate thing I keep thinking is while you and I are rationally thinking this through there, I am sure, are rapist or potential rapist reading that also. A very frightening thought that they will think there are people out there who actually will justify their degenerate criminal behavior.

      That whole thread has been an eye opener for me in many ways. It's always amazing when people cloud over facts to meet their point of view. In reality there is a right and wrong and the ownership of the wrong belongs to one party here. The criminal.
    5. katiegrrl0
      I do too. ...
    6. katiegrrl0
      thanks for the rep sweetie. Hugzzzz
    7. SpotsCat
      You're right! There's more than enough blood on both the hands of the Israelis and the Palestinians to go around. If they really want peace, maybe they need to look at how their actions are viewed by the Palestinians - and vice versa.
    8. 06AlphaGriot

      I will check it out.
    9. justonemorevoice
      good. i hope so.
    10. justonemorevoice
      did i back down?
    11. justonemorevoice
      you havent talked to me in a while. thank god, youre not mad, i was upset.
    12. justonemorevoice
      are you mad at me? :(
    13. Bowerbird
      Hmmm - perhaps we should go into the business of selling "quantum magnetic hypothetical humulgouruses" to reverse the effects of zombie ******* viruses and their foul plot to have all Americans see a Kenyan Birth Certificate as an American one!!
    14. Fish
      Thanks. I've used that same pic that you have (I think) as an avatar before. It's Da Vinci, right? Only I used the pencil drawing of it. [IMG]
      I used to have as my signature: "While I thought that I was learning how to live, I have been learning how to die." One of my favorite quotes of all time! And by DaVinci, too!
    15. Bowerbird
      You wait until you hit the "chemtrail" conspiracy - did you know that the jets that leave trails in the sky are seeding us with viruses?
    16. Bowerbird
      The ability of the average conservative American to believe in unending and universal conspiracies is completely beyond me. You know if I were less honest I am sure I could make money off of them.
    17. Bowerbird
      Heh Heh Heh! I love throwing things in that they have to look up!!

      Geeeze but they deserve a serve for the nastiness!
    18. MannieD
      Thanks! You're also one of my favorite posters. Many times I don't have to post because you've already posted my thoughts.
    19. Falena
      That is a catchy title that will make posters curious and it fits the general theme. I think its great!
    20. frodly
      ya cass, I was not in a patient mood at that time!! :) There are times where you will see me engaging the loons(I mean only the loons many on the right aren't loons), and I try to as much as possible. But sometimes I am simply not in the mood, and sarcasm strikes me as the better option!!
    21. Craig
      Have a good day! :))
    22. frodly
      Why thank you!! I love my dogs too!! :)
    23. frodly
      I agree, it is a sign of severe mental disorder. I like being American, and do not apologize for it. But when I read some of the posts by some of the far right lunatics at this forum, it makes me embarrassed to share a country with those people.
    24. Viv
      Hehe...thank you. No, it's nothing like that. I can't discuss it here, it's a professional thing. I just find it's making me impatient where I normally would not be, so I'm not much fun on the board.
    25. The Great Khan
      The Great Khan
      I have seen the guys site before,it is very interesting although would not interest the war mongers on this site.
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    "An era ends when its illusions can no longer be sustained" - Arthur Miller