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Oct 16, 2016
    1. jedimiller
      Hi Cass. I just wanted to say hi. And I don't want you to think i'm a total (*)(*)(*)(*)(*). I'm actually a nice guy..
    2. flounder
      Cass, jed is confusing show biz with actual life I believe. Go check out what I explained maybe it will help, or maybe you will take my head off,,,,,,I dunno..
    3. Falena
      Thank You. I appreciate it.
      I honestly don't know if he gets it.
    4. jackalope
      Yup, I think ur right. Anyway, 'allloooo! :)
    5. Bowerbird
      I thought Margaret Mead but she never wrote SF!! And as a long time SF reader to say I have no clue then he must be just making things up - again!!
    6. Der_Meister
      I have no doubt that Australia has the great and beautiful nature. I haven't been to much countries I just have been to Poland, Czech Rep. and Latvia and I spent a great time there I like travelling and I want to travel everywhere I can and It would be nice to come to Australia and have opportunity but next summer. This summer I will to Alaska and I will work there in february I will get an american visa, I hope so, because US embassy very captious, they think that each of us wants to go to the USA and to stay there and each season we have 5% refusings for students who wants to work there in summer. I asked agency which provides me with work in US if there are offers in Australia and they answered that yes and I think that we shall meet when I be in Australia.I'm very glad to communicate with you and I hope that our intercourse will continue.
      Đ¡oncerning a policy I'm sure that every candidate has its own intentions and interests but our problem that we have no sincere candidate on the post of president. As you know Timeshenko was cooperated with Pavel Lasarenko 5th prime minister of ukraine who was blamed in ukraune for theft of money from budget of Ukraine and he was sentenced in USA for 9 years for violation of the visa mode and swindle.Timoshenko was the link in his system of cheating. And I think if this person get an authority in Ukraine she will damage our country and influence of russia will be stronger here that will entail bad cosequences for us.
      By the way do you have a skype?:)
    7. Der_Meister
      Aha..I got it, And do you have a lot of beach resorts in Australia?
      About my english I study english since 5th form of school and then I became interested in English and I like this language so mush because it gives me a lot of abilities such as chating here I know that my english is not so brilliant but I'm trying to speak. I met a lot of new words here so I can improve my language. I came to university with a good basemen of knowedge, goor for ukrainian guy he-he :) But I will work.
      About Timoshenko. If she won It will have bad cosequences for ukraine and for our people because Timoshenko will bring authoritarian-oligarchic regime covered with democracy and intentions to make Ukraine stronger and give to us leadership in our region. The problem of our country that we have very low level of political culture, lot of people believe to promises of candidates to the post of presidend that Ukraine will join to the EU, everyone wants it. But they dont understand thay EU not interested in Đ° strong competitor as Ukraine in agricultural sphere (if EU give us money for it) we are not ready we should solve problems inside of country first of all and then join to the EU, but I dont like this idea, I'm only interested in refusing visas.
      I will wait for your answer. I wish you to have a good time at your southern home :)
    8. Otter
      Thanks for asking! :)
    9. Otter
      No, not really.
    10. Der_Meister
      Hi Cassandra!
      I'm very glad to hear from you too.
      The weather in Kyiv is not so cold just -10 its nice weather.
      About elections I can say its that I was expected because Ukraine divided on districts of influece between oligarchic clans and there are lots of falsifications and there were registered cases of bribery at elections and the most active in it Yanukovich. Now Yanukovich has the biggest quantity of voices but I suppose and I was expected that Timoshenko will win. I dont like all of candidates, but I think that Timoshenko has havy impact on our country but we shall observe and wait, I cant tell exactly who will win, but I suppose that Timoshenko she has more powerful team than Yanukovich but I know that everyone play in a wrong way. By the way there are some technic candidates its Sergey Tigipko and Arsenii Yatsenyk and they will give their voices to leaders. I have passed all my exams and now I save the leader position in my group 8) I hope that I will be sucessful with my study in future.
      Are you on the south of Australia now? :)
    11. Der_Meister
      Hi Cassandra!
      It still be cold in Ukraine and I'd to have Australian weather here:) There is a lot of snow and I enjoy skiing every day. There is a hill not far from my house in the park.
      From what city are you? Western Australia its very interesting!
    12. jackalope
      Cheers! :)
    13. jackalope
      Yes, Massachusetts (brainiac!). Why? Democrats will say because his opponent was a terrible candidate. Republicans will tell you because the Democrats health care and economic agenda are the suck. Good luck diving in, there's many threads. It's quicksand! I can't get out! :laughing:
    14. jackalope
      Aww ... that's cute that she didn't mind that it melted !!!

      hehe, I remember hearing about some dood who reported his crop being ripped off. Drugs are not good for the brain, apparently ;).

      I am OD'ing on special election coverage here. The late Teddy Kennedy's US Senate seat just changed hands tonight; a Republican won.
    15. jackalope
      LOL !!! Was it water by the time the customs peeps checked it?

      And, I bet they thought they were getting a bust for that shift. :laughing:
    16. jackalope
      Welcs :). You can have some of ours. We have extra snowflakes. :laughing:
    17. TortoiseDream
      not masquerading at all! they don't hide anything!
    18. jackalope
      mmmm ....... sounds lovely. I can almost smell it!
    19. jackalope
      :mrgreen: You were the inspiration, of course!
    20. jackalope
      That is also beautiful!! And, reminds me a bit of the carriage roads at my favorite spot on earth. We don't have a place there, but go tenting almost every summer. Acadia National Park in Bar Harbor, Maine. The carriage roads, upon which no automobiles may travel, were created by John D. Rockefeller, and donated to create this park:
    21. cassandrabandra
      aarrgghh! I keep posting to myself!

      lol well I guess it does! never occurred to me ... my son goes surfing with whales and dolphins ... although to be perfectly honest I hate it when they demonstrate for land rights ... my son has been involved in a couple of rescue attempts when they try to do that!

      he's not only a tree hugger (and has occupied trees in defience of logging) but is a whale hugger!
    22. jackalope
      this explains the tree-hugging etc etc etc comments!

      which, btw, my hubs was highly amused by. :laughing:
    23. jackalope
      Wowwwww .... beautiful! Both pictures.
    24. jackalope
      Now you see why noone knows about us. :giggle:

      The other Portland is about the size of Perth, I think. Yes, webcam or pix! That would be fun. 7pm here :)
    25. jackalope
      mmmmm, around 60K people, I think?
      Bar Harbor is pretty. If one of those webcams is Bar Harbor, check it out in about 12 hrs. Too dark now.
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