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    1. I justsayin
      I justsayin
      No. The posters name is Paco. And it is on my last thread about Palin. And thanks. I like you guys support but I hate talking to you guys so much lol. Just wanting to post. I see that some people get fired up though.
    2. JP5
      Please report the post so a Mod can take a look. And yes, that would be against the rules to change another posters actual words. Do you know how to report a post? If not, PM me and I'll explain. Thanks----JP5
    3. JP5
      The message about what was wrong with it can be found at the bottom right of the deleted post. Except for that notice....we don't notify members of deleted posts.
    4. Sir Thaddeus
      Sir Thaddeus
      Umm, well your thread title is fine, your opening post is not though. We generally do not allow one line threads. Please develop the thread in the future so that there is an opinion to agree with, refute, or add to. We try to maintain the highest level of discourse possible.
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