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Nov 21, 2010
Jan 19, 2009
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Nov 21, 2010
    1. tresha
      he's in the shower?
      Take the camera!!!
      if you on his computer...check his PM...I just sent him one....that'll fill ya in...I told 'im to share it wich ya
    2. tresha
      Oh yeah...you wanna join my Getting Drunk social group or you wanna leave that for him?
      It's just a silly thang....
    3. tresha
      did yo lover man pass out already?
      nice pic!! ^^
      Where you been?
    4. tresha
    5. tresha
      Ya know, it's okay for you to post even though the hubby is back around.
      (Somebody done stoled his pics! The ones he put up showing off his tattoos....crime rate around here is horrible I tell ya, crying shame....
    6. tresha
      Oh surely we do.

      'Cept the ones who want to hang him up by his ankles 'cause he's a Mod and they're convinced he's a biased so and so who likes to bite the heads off chickens just for fun.
      But those types of people we just point and laugh at.
      I'm glad you heard back from Chesby and are settling in.
      Let me know if I can help in anyway.
      I might lose my internet here in a few days, but as long as I've got it---I'm usually around. I've got the world's longest case of insomnia and well...very little life :mrgreen:
    7. tresha
      Yeah...there was some problems with some folks harassing people via PMs. I just left a message on Chesby's page like this one and referred her to the thread we were at.
      It shouldn't be a big problem--you registered a separate account.
      My GF has an account here too, we just told them ahead of time there were two of us from the same computer or IP address or however that works.
      Venom talks fondly 'bout you when he mentions you.
      I didn't know he was still active duty.
      Bet you miss him when he's gone.
      I'll say a prayer for you guys...
    8. tresha
      Have you tried checking with Chesby?
      Part of it might be that new member can't usually get through right away to Mods--hang on lemme try something for ya
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