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    1. Lil Mike
      Lil Mike
      Hey, you broke down that video and showed that there was more, and less, than meets the eye. That's the type of thing I like to do.
    2. Paris
      PS. Pulp Fiction = Palme d'Or at the Cannes Film Festival:peace:
    3. Paris
      Greece is funny:)
    4. Viv
    5. thediplomat2.0
      I would read this book. Lewis provides excellent commentary.
    6. Viv
    7. Viv
    8. Viv
    9. LibertarianFTW
    10. Trinnity
      Yeah, what I like about my eagle avi - is the elegant but STERN look. LOL
    11. thediplomat2.0
      You do not have to necessarily be neutral or un-brainwashed, nor non-partisan. I was fully expecting on inviting partisans from the left and right. The one stipulation that I have in inviting people is that they are intellectually honest enough to look and listen to multiple perspectives and approaches to an issue. Based upon the discussions between me and you on the Bush recession thread, you seem to fit this criteria. In addition, being wrong makes you human. I can tell you that I am wrong more than I am right on a variety of issues, and lose more than I win.
    12. Trinnity
      I like your avi - don't know what it is, but I like it.
    13. darckriver
      The Constitution embodied the founders' ideas and framed the essence of what the government should be. Their ideas had the unusually insightful wisdom to form a better foundation for a highly adequate but not overbearing system of government and far exceeds the capabilities of the modern struggle between Left and Right. The foundation and structure thus formed has has served us well. The modern attempt to reinterpret and reconstruct this structure to a more contemporary vision is understandable. I just have serious reservations as to their comparative abilities of our current visionaries. In fact, in many cases these new pioneers aren't pioneering at all - but merely patching together previously tried notions that in many cases, have been proven inadequate at best. We are trading gold for dross.
    14. BFSmith@764
      Even the Constitution is from the founding fathers wanting the government adopt and enforce their idea's on other people. Not everybody in the U.S agree on the Constitution....some people hate the idea that other people besides themselves has rights. To them, if you are not white and is a male and own property(wealth) you have no rights or has less rights than they do.
    15. BFSmith@764
      Don't the vast majority of people want the government to adopt and enforce their ideas? The problem is they don't want other people's ideas to be adopted and enforced by the government on them.
    16. Veni-Vidi-Feces
      You got it!!! :D
    17. Trinnity
      I like you too.
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