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Nov 29, 2012
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Dec 13, 2016
    1. Auggie
      I'm new to the forum. I thought you might find this funny. Yesterday a poster asked another poster why they had not taken the Fugazi challenge yet. I googled Fugazi challenge.

      I am very impressed by your arguments for pro choice. I'll be borrowing them in the future. Thank you.
    2. Doc Dred
      Doc Dred
      i actually like you and enjoy your reigning me in a bit…you remind me of when i go to far…

      mmmmmmm Fugazi…smooches…hugs and grinds…lil grab ass…mmmm
    3. Doc Dred
      Doc Dred
      I think we need to have some sort of affection time…

      hugs….hugs hugs…grinds….smooches….mmmmmmm Fugazi...
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    Your right to body autonomy - "The common law has consistently held to a rule which provides that one human being is under no legal compulsion to give aid or to take action to save that human being or to rescue" - McFall vs Shimp

    "From Choice To Consent .. Taking Abortion From What A Fetus 'Is' To What It 'Does'​

    Abortion Reduction = Education NOT Legislation