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Only a few people left and vacuous facile discussions and trolls. Mods deleted thread I spent a long time on. Back a week now off again. Nov 9, 2020

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Jun 16, 2024
    1. Heroclitus
      Only a few people left and vacuous facile discussions and trolls. Mods deleted thread I spent a long time on. Back a week now off again.
    2. Just_a_Citizen
      Love the screen name!
    3. Diuretic
      Full pm box. But yes, click was correct. As with Sadanie and stroll - enjoy your posts, even if I do have to read them a few times to get the facts straight in my mind.
    4. Sadanie
      I tried to send you a PM, but your box is full. Maybe it's better that way. . .I was really sharing a lot. I always think when I can't post a comment or can't send a message that it may be a sign that that post or that message should never have been written.
      Take care.
    5. Sadanie
      Thanks for this little insight into you.
      I think we may be quite similar in the way we see religion, man made religions at least. For the rest, I AM a believer in ONE GOD, universal AND personal. But I do not believe in any of the "images" of God that are assigned to Him/HER/IT by men.
      I'd love to know more about you. We might be about the same age (I am 62). I hope we have a chance to "talk" again soon.
    6. Sadanie
      Thank you for all the great posts and the support, Hero!
      You sound very wise, very articulate, and a deeply good person. Yes, I was raised Catholic. Even educated for 12 years in a Catholic school, 3 years as a border! I have seen and understood the best and the worst of priests and nuns, and also Catholics in general. I have been cared for and loved by some, and, as a young girl, I have even been molested by an old priest. All this opened my eyes and could have taken me away from God. It didn't. It only made me look higher...not to the nuns, not to the priest, not to the bishops or even the pope, but directly to GOD. And the place where I found God's presence the strongest has not been in a church of stone, but on a beach, in a forest, in my children's eyes, and in my heart.
    7. stroll
      good to see you're still posting here
    8. stroll
      good to see you're still posting here
    9. Sadanie
      thanks for the common sense and integrity you demonstrate in the posts I've read!
    10. Liebe
      Keep up the good fight, Hero!
    11. Sovietskaja Zenzina
      Sovietskaja Zenzina
      Hello thanks for interesting thoughts and I posted just one thing my English is not that perfect I would excuse myself.
    12. frodly
      I agree, but I only worry that Gerrard is no longer the player he was in 09, and will never be that player again!! As far as Carrol goes, I think I am in the minority, but I don't think he is good enough yet. Or at least, I don't think he his strengths are conducive to the strengths of Suarez, who is in my opinion our best player, and the player who we should be building the team around. Carrol may come good yet, but I think our best team currently is


      Or a similar set-up with Mereiles taking Adam's place in the midfield, and Kuyt on the right. I hope Carrol becomes a great striker, but I know he isn't one now!! And I don't think he deserves a place starting at the moment.
    13. frodly
      I like Downing as well, I think for 6 million Adam is a good squad player, and I think it is too early to judge Henderson as well. However, I think outside of Suarez Liverpool lack players capable of turning a game by themself. Suarez is amazing, but he needs help. I think Liverpool can get back into the top 4, because I do trust in Kenny, but also because I think Arsenal and Spurs are more flawed than we are at the moment. But if we are going to make the next step, we need to sign another player capable of producing magic like Suarez can!!
    14. frodly
      Hey, how are things? How are you feeling about our chances for this season? What do you think of the new signings?
    15. Heroclitus
      I'm generally to be found at PoliticsForum (as Plato). There are a lot of liberals there. I would hope that we can get some more clever conservatives to come there. I dare say I'll get bored there at some stage and come back. Kung Hei Fat Choy everyone!
    16. JonathanBlu
      See yah later bro, can't say I knew you but 13 to 1 says you were probably a pretty smart guy. I just hate to think of one more intelligent person leaving and 10 more trolls showing up...
    17. Heroclitus
      Bye all. So long.
    18. GrumpyDog
      Hello you pedantic prolific pulitzer prize winning personality. Thanks for the dog bisquit. I havent read that many of your posts because I didnt have my thesaurus handy. If you wouldn't mind, could you explain in more detail Hawkins new theory of why the universe can create itself from nothing. (or refute it). Try to make it the longest and most convoluted thesis ever seen before on this forum. Then pretend you are another poster and refute your own thesis with the second longest post ever seen. I just want to see how many other people (like myself) will try to convince themselves that they actually understood what you said.
    19. The Big Kahuna
      The Big Kahuna
      Good to see Liverpool sold. Not good to see them at the bottom of the league. They need another quality striker and some backline help.
    20. frodly
      What do you make of the insanity currently taking place at our beloved LFC?
    21. frodly
    22. The Big Kahuna
    23. Fish
    24. Hushush
      Oui, je suis français. My signature indeed is a quote from Joyce's Ulysses. My avatar is Lou Andreas Salomé. In my profile picture she is whipping Paul Rée and Friedrich Nietzsche:D
    25. The Big Kahuna
      The Big Kahuna
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