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Jun 14, 2009
    1. Paris
      Thank you, you are a dear. Much love to you my friend:)
    2. Paris
      Hi Del, I'm missing you too and hope you are well. I'm enjoying the country a lot, it is very calm and colorful. Lots of hugs.
    3. frodly
      good night
    4. Makedde
      I saw on Metros page Frodders had been talking to him. Seems Metro attacked me. I thought he and I got along well!
    5. Makedde
      Spanky lost 2000? Why cant they let us know what is going on instead of expecting we wont notice? That isnt really fair.
    6. Makedde
      That is where the posts went then, if that thread is gone so are our posts and credits. I was meant to have imsulted Paco but I didn't. Like I said I am always careful about insults, I haven't got one in almost a year and now I get one? I didnt insult anyone.
    7. Makedde
      I didnt insult anyone. I actually deleted the post I was infracted for! I dont know whats going on so I have messaged 12th to see if perhaps she misunderstood me.
      With the posts disappearing I bet the Admin is pruning again.
    8. Makedde
      I just got a (*)(*)(*)(*)ing infraction from 12th. Haven't checked it yet, apparently I insulted another member. Bullcrap, I am always careful never to insult someone.
    9. Jellah
      Ok now I am glad the hubby is being slow (he wants to brush out Buddha beast before we go). Its shedding time for him and the amount of hair he sheds each day is like a whole new dog!!

      The community here has a whole new board and we are making some changes and so now I am doing a fitness/nutrition class 2 nights per week for 90 minutes. We have others who are also doing them. We have even had some fun cooking. I have been working at taking pictures but havent been able to find a good class that works with my schedule yet.

      I have also made it a point to spend a bit more time with my friends here (there have been complaints that I dont come out with them enough) so I am trying to change that. I didnt realize that I was keeping people a bit distant from me here and after the visits from loved ones from the US, I realized that I was keeping people from getting that close.

      I wonder if the pain of leaving so many people behind was causing me to make sure to not create new relationships that go to deep. I shouldnt do that though so now I am not!! I even jog with a few neighbor women now a few times a week (I get up crazy early so they would only commit to a few times per week with me and I have to drag one of them out of bed, her husband gave me a key!! LMAO!).

      I feel more like myself ever since the visits. Even my husband noticed. He said its like I exhaled finally and I have stopped monitering my comments so much. I guess I just didnt realize that I havent allowed myself to be totally comfortable and I step too lightly. I feel free, I feel good.

      I am glad to hear you are keeping your smoking down to a minimum and that your health is doing good!! Yea YOU!

      Ok I think hubby is ready soon, if not I am just going to drag them out of here hahahaha. Buddha has a photo shoot to get to!!

    10. Jellah
      Hey Del!! Sorry its been so long, I just realized how fast time can go!! Things have been busy around here (in a good and grand way) and I have taken on some new projects that are fun and have been hovering in the back of my mind for a while now.

      How are things with you? How is the smoking and the eating habits going? Your health? How is Alice? I can also see by the comments in your section here that there has been "stuff" happening hehe! Oh well, off to walk the is lake day and the camera is ready and waiting!!

    11. SpankyTheWhale
    12. Joe1991
      I don't understand that rant at all, especially coming from a very moderate mod. Sure Mak makes a lot of posts, but she is very good about keeping off-topic post in the appropiate sections.

      Things that make you go hmmm...
    13. frodly
      you are worth 78
    14. frodly
      Yep, if he gets permabanned, I am gone for good!!
    15. frodly
      wow 82 is pretty good.
    16. frodly
      well, I have 17090 rep points.
    17. frodly
      I will rep you as soon as you are ready!
    18. frodly
    19. presluc
      I hate to repeat myself but the American dream should be "never take what you don't need"
      "never want what you can't have"
    20. presluc
      I guess you're right since "MORE" is the keyword in most Americans lifestye.
    21. presluc
      What if someones American dream is to work in a factory?

      It seems to me they've turned the American dream into one nightmare make money, get more money, become rich, and get more money.
      After that you find ways to get more money.
    22. presluc
      Unfornunatly not only at the top the upper middle class and some middle class as well.
    23. Paris
      Hey Del. Im well, thank you. Just taking a short break from remodeling the house. Hope you are well too. Hugs & much love:)
    24. submarinepainter
    25. presluc
      This may sound like a conflict of interest, but what gets me is.
      An average American will go to war lay down his life for his country, but you ask corporations to hire more Americans well that's cutting into our profits.

      All the time running around saying support the troops.
      Yeah as long as young people are fighting and dieing to protect them but when they come back to America and ask for a lousy job they don't know them anymore
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