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Jun 14, 2009
Aug 11, 2008
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Jun 14, 2009
    1. k7leetha
      I miss you, Inferno. I've been missing you. You are an example of the power of chance meetings and good encounters, of heart, and I still think about the conversations we shared, whether we agreed or not. You're right hon, I'd have stood proudly next to you. One person can make such an impact. Such an impact.
    2. tresha
      Coming up on a year since everything went haywire.
      Been thinking lots about you....wishing like hell that things hadn't ended the way they did between us.
      God, my friend.....there's just so very much that I wish I still could have asked you about.
      You lived the life I wanted to live.
      I promised to still fight the fight and dang it....I'm giving it the good ol' Texas Dyke try....

      I try and try not to live my life filled with regrets, but letting my petty, stupid pride get in the way of patching things up with you?
      I'm pretty sure I'll take that regret with me to the grave.

      I miss you my friend.....
    3. SpankyTheWhale
      I saw one of your threads, and I realized how much I miss you. I am sorry that I can't talk to you anymore. I am sorry that nobody can feel your warmth. I am sorry that you cannot feel the joy of a sweet cupcake ever again. I never said goodbye. Good bye. I hope you've found what you need up there.
    4. submarinepainter
      was thinking about you today , you are truly missed
    5. TM2
      Goodbye, I respect you greatly and will miss you.
    6. Birdzeye
      Del - I'm so glad I had the chance to get to know you, and I'm sorry that I didn't know you for long. God bless.
    7. REDRUM
      May the radiance of your spirit shine like the brightness of the sun and the magnificence of your glorious soul caption dwell in the heavenlies of the outstretched hand of a loving "God" where I believe you now dwell in His bosom feeling no pain, sorrow, sickness, poverty or disease but rather His guardian angels protect you and sustain you to reflect His plan, to reflect His purpose in His guardianship. Most of all, may your joy be exceedingly abundant, overfilled with gladness and the peace of God dwell with you forever. :rose: :rose: :rose:
    8. tresha
      You'll always have my love, my respect and my honor.
    9. jackalope
      I'm very sad to hear the news that Del has passed. RIP, Del .... I am honored to have 'met' you. Godspeed ....
    10. MarthaScrewit
      Good bye, Del
    11. Joe Castro
      Joe Castro
      You've been a great comrade to have. God bless.
    12. Ostap Bender
      Ostap Bender
      Del, I never shared your ideas but was always your friend.
      I hope you will recovery.
      God bless you.


      P.S. I think many times about our conversation at Christmas 2008.
    13. Kazikli Bey
      Kazikli Bey
      Please tell me that that was you Del that repped me.
    14. jackalope
      ((( Inferno ))) am thinking about you ... and katie and mia and alice and your family and all our friends.

      Top Reputations*
      Inferno 70/3190
    15. lucid
      Fight the good fight. You always have...
    16. justonemorevoice
      many prayers and hugs my friend!
    17. Alice
      TY for everything. :HUG
    18. f100supersabr
      let there be a miricle!!
    19. f100supersabr
      If there are miricles left in the world let there be one.
    20. camp_steveo
      God bless :pray:
    21. submarinepainter
      Del , we all miss you get well. peace baby.
    22. jackalope
      Hello, Inferno! I am thinking about you~ [IMG]

    23. Sir Thaddeus
      Sir Thaddeus
      We were not on the best of terms, but I wish you nothing but peace Inferno. Rest well.
    24. Odin
      gud välsiigne dig min vän,komma til himlen nu.
    25. Jellah
      Oh Del, I so hope you get to read this. I love you and you know you gave me and my son a gift that will last always. You gave us both a unique look into your life and we were able to travel back with you and experience it along side you. I hope you know the impact you had on us and on the world. There are too few like you Del and I just dont want you to go.

      All my love and Hugs
      Casey (Jellah)
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