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    1. psgchisolm
      Just block the guy and end all discussion with him. He's to dumb to bother with.
    2. Joe Six-pack
      Joe Six-pack
      Communism would be perfect if human beings were robots.
    3. psgchisolm
      are you a christian communist?
    4. katiegrrl0
      i know the feeling of missing her. she was a rare gem that could disagree with people and usually stay friends. i see what she was pushing for when they banned her. she knew it would happen and kept pushing to make a point. being that they did lift that ban she must have made an impression. when i saw all the notes about you i thought that maybe you might have had coffee with her. you were a 3 star poster to her that was her top mark.
    5. katiegrrl0
      i know from having read through many of Del's notes after her passing that she had a great deal of respect for you. she enjoyed the way you look at life and society. when she posted she kept a journal and there were many comments on the moments you two shared. i thought you might like to know that.
    6. katiegrrl0
      i made several documentary films. most of them are of foreign release. i made one for the holocaust Museum. now i sit at home and am working on some screenplays for feature films. making the doc in Chicago was great as i did call it home at the time. being that i was going to stay at the shelter it was tough staying dirty for a month. yuck
    7. katiegrrl0
      yes i know that. i made a documentary film for the state and lived for a month on 79th and King drive a lovely area. the poverty and gang activity was unbelievable. while i was there three people were gunned down on the corner where i was staying. i spent every night for a week in a homeless shelter there. what an experience. it was awesome.
    8. katiegrrl0
      i know the name never really paid much attention to him. he played in concert with the Rolling Stones for a song or two in the film Shine a Light.

      i didn't know you were a Chicagoan. did you ever get to meet Del (Inferno) she lived there as well. she purchased my old condo.
    9. katiegrrl0
      Chicago is a great city. it is just in the wrong country. LOL is that you in the pic. i like the outfit.
    10. Skinny.
      Nice avatar ;)
    11. Inferno
      seems the point was made. Looks like they might try and appease or make a change.
    12. Inferno
      good night sweety. i will let you know in the morning what I think. Hugs.
    13. Inferno
      that is what I am thinking.
    14. Inferno
      They sure don't have a desire to walk away. That is for (*)(*)(*)(*) sure. I am going to pm a few mods and see what happens.
    15. Inferno
      The people that are left that are here like TFM and Anita. They want to try and save what board is left. Maybe a days break on this board and we see what happens then we finish up with a bang. The lefties are worn out. What do you think?
    16. Inferno
    17. Inferno
      That is right. We can stand up and say. There is no power when when you really don't care and have already won.
    18. Inferno
      Well lets see what happens. They will have to ban me eventually. They will get you as well. But they know that we don't really care. LOL
    19. Inferno
      Of course they did. They also banned Lizard people I guess. I just don't know about whats going on here.
    20. Inferno
      It is very limited in acceptance so it serves no purpose.
    21. Inferno
      Yes I don't think any gay or lesbian would have any objection to having a civil union as long as it were equal to the status of marriage and were legal in all 50 states. As it is right now it is nothing. If I live in one of the states that allows it I am all good. If I don't I am screwed because as soon as i go back home I am not Unioned ore married. It is dumb. They need a national standard.
    22. Inferno
      A civil union only applies to sane sex marriage. There is a heterosexual counterpart but that is called marriage. That is strange to start with.

      5 states allow same sex marriage, That is just what it says it is. The problem with the same sex marriages is that they are only seen as legal and honored as actual marriages in I think 9 states. If you are in any of the other 41 states you are not married. Yet in a heterosexual marriage you are married in every state no matter where you get married.
      A marriage can be preformed by a civil servant a judge or justice of the peace or it can be in any of the churches.
      A same sex marriage can be the s=done the same ways but unlike the 50 states honoring the marriage it is valid in like I said 9.

      A civil union is a legal status for gays and lesbians. You gain all the rights of a married couple without the wedding. You are considered Unioned.

      The problem with those is they are relegated to the state pretty much that preformed them. If I am "Unioned in Iowa" I can go to Illinois or Wisconsin and not be unioned. It would be invalid. So it is a waste of paper because there is no national guideline and no sttes honor them except the states that honor same sex marriage. It isn't fair at all.
    23. Inferno
      I have to run out for a couple of hours if you want to know more we can discuss it here or in messages when I get back. hugs dear. c u later.
    24. Inferno
      Check out the 50000 Christians protest thread. Don't let the religious attacks get to you i am working for the ban and am trying everything. They just won't pull the trigger.
    25. Inferno
      They closed it before i could post.
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