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Oct 13, 2011
Jan 19, 2009
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Oct 13, 2011
    1. Ostap Bender
      Ostap Bender
      Hi buddy,

      how are you, I'm missing you, probably you will begin to post again!
    2. HillBilly
      Today is Jiyuu-Freedoms BirthDay . please join me in sending her birthday greetings & well wishes to a great gal and one of the best Mods on PF :-)
    3. Ostap Bender
    4. HillBilly
      have you heard anything from Flounder the last few days ?
    5. Johnny Dangerously
      Johnny Dangerously
      That's awesome dude. I love Manhattan, visited a few times but I could never afford to live there unless I got a job as an investment banker. Unfortunately it's tough to get an interview with long hair earrings and tats down to yer wrists.

      Middle eastern studies - good subject. You'll be up on everything when they take over our culture! :lol:
    6. frodly
      Yep, I am moving to Manhattan next Wednesday!! My major is Middle Eastern Studies.
    7. frodly
      I hope all good things!!

      The level of posts at this forum keeps my from being too addicted!! :) I used to post here a lot more than I do now. My average posts per day has gone down significantly over the last year. I used to be addicted, now I only come here when I am bored, and have nothing else to do.
    8. frodly
      I knew you would appreciate that!! :) So how have you been recently? It has been a while since you have been online.
    9. frodly
    10. frodly
      Did you see my contribution to the best defensive weapon thread? I thought you would appreciate that!! :)
    11. flounder
      Sounds like you need the dog whisperer,,not a fence....LOL I have bamboo in my yard, it grows wild, he loves it and chews and ''eats it'' all day....he does not bother the house or furniture, it seems Bamboo tastes better....LOL

    12. flounder
      Oh yeah,,,they love mud,,,Mickey found a mud hole once,,,geeesh...Welll,,,get some wood planks and build a flat surface,,,sort of like a large skid, the water will drain under there...easy peezy...She can splash all she wants, and wont be able to get to the mud..All you need is a few two by fours for the bottom..then cheap strips for the top so the water goes through...It would take you half hour at most, orrrrrrrrrrrrr

      a Large plastic ground cover, with bricks on the corners....You can buy the ones they have for covering furniture,,they come real big...[plastic tarps]
    13. flounder
      Get her one of those small hard kiddie pools,,their great.....You dont need a large one, she will sit and play all day, they love water....
      [IMG]Mickey loves all water, boating too...LOL
    14. flounder
      Hi John long time no see,,good to see you. How is the Pooch,,,mines doing fantastic. These dogs learn so fast it amazes me...
      His favorite foods are spaghetti and Meatloaf,,,hahahahah
    15. changed
      Awww, that is sweet. Still wants in your lap? Every once in a while my inside Golden tries to get in my lap. She is bigger than me. LOL
      Sorry Tess never made it back home, I remember how devastated and hurt you were, but it sounds like Tess is keeping you busy.;) Which is good.
      please keep in touch.
    16. changed
      HEY YOU!!!! When did you get back??? How is your dog? Did you ever find your other one? How have you been? I sure have missed you!
      Are you back for good?
    17. Jiyuu-Freedom
      Yes, it's hog heaven here!
      Take it easy and fall off the wagon, more often.
    18. Jiyuu-Freedom
      Wow, stranger. It's so nice to hear from you:) I hope life is treating you well. I moved to Phoenix. My health isn't all that great so my doc recommended dry weather. Boy, is it! 90 degrees out today. It is above normal temps and should be back down to the upper 70's then back up to the upper 80's/low 90's. The overnight temp is 60 which is barely the high in Tacoma where I used to live...LOL!
      Take it easy.
    19. REDRUM
    20. Out West
      Out West
      Merry Christmas Johnny!
    21. Josey Wales
      Josey Wales
      Whwere ya been Johnny, ain't seen ya in the wars for awhile? Hope all is well, no health problems or anythig?
    22. OldManOnFire
      JD...I agree with you on 'most' of those unemployed but I'm just busting the chops of a few who believe people can 'take' from the government and never need to 'give' anything. It was logical to ask the question why hire 500,000 additional people when millions are already being paid unemployment who can do the census work themselves for no additional pay? All of these people on unemployment, and others living off of government, can also do volunteer work. Just part of my diatribe that if people wish to live in the USA, then give something back. If you don't have taxes to pay then volunteer...
    23. daisydotell
      Roscoe and July broke my heart. When I found them they were smaller than the puppy pictures I have of them. Roscoe was leading the pack and July was following. They were walking down the middle of the road...on their great adventure. So proud when we stopped and picked them up..they didn't miss a beat. Tails wagging and happy as could be. One neighbor told me he saw them but he knew I would be along to get them.
    24. daisydotell
      All of our animals are discards by someone else. I take them in because I don't have the heart not to take them in. They didn't ask to be born. I would however like to take a stick to the people who discard them.
    25. daisydotell
      Go look at my photo album..I put a picture of Roscoe on the job.
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