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Nov 13, 2009
Jul 3, 2008
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Nov 13, 2009
    1. Turkic Brat
      Turkic Brat
      I wanted moderators to ban me for a week :D

      Because I am addicted this forum, I can't study my lessons
    2. Turkic Brat
      Turkic Brat
      Actually, I regret :(

      By the way, you converted Islam later in your life ?
    3. Turkic Brat
    4. catawba
      I'm a native too, although I was born on the eastern side of the state.

      In Santa Rosa, while mild, there were two seasons. Everything got green in the winter and turned brown in the winter. I prefer what we have here! Sounds like a move might be in your future though! LOL!
    5. catawba
      I don't know, I lived for a year in Santa Rosa, CA. It was mild and there was no snow, but I found I missed the changing seasons here. It may just be what we each get used to.

      Are you native to the area?
    6. catawba
      Thanks Ice! How are things going over there in Richmond? It has been a long cold winter in the Blue Ridge. Wish we could have at least gotten some snow to go with all this cold!!!
    7. CB4
      thank you for my rep my friend
    8. legojenn
      I have decided to hijack Ostap's posts and make fun of him. It might get him to tone down some of his prejudicial nonsense.
    9. Turkic Brat
      Turkic Brat
      Hi, brother!!! How are you doing :)

      This is my MSN messenger, add me
    10. Ostap Bender
      Ostap Bender
      Ice, I miss your Information. Do you have no arguments more?
    11. Ivan
      Thanks, brah. SHE MAKES ME FEEL WARM INSIDE.
    12. Ivan
      Yeah, I had like a lot of different variants but...I just forgot to back them up.

      Thanks, brah. I could give you my email if you can't get it to work.
    13. Ivan
      Hey can you link me to the Che Guevara Boxxy wallpaper?

      I have Windows 7 now and forgot to put them on my iPod before installing...
    14. Ivan

    15. Ivan
      Boxxy + Ivan = <3

    16. Ivan
      Yous Trollin
    17. CB4
    18. Joe Castro
      Joe Castro
      Well it's good to see you've changed beliefs, if only it could have occured under less brutal circumstances.

      Good to see you around, take care.
    19. Joe Castro
      Joe Castro
      Hey man, how is it going? I dont know if you'll remember me - Joep182 on Politicalforumpoliticalworld.

      Am i wrong or did you not used to be an Israel supporter?
    20. Kazikli Bey
      Kazikli Bey
      Coming on five years now... i had an issue with repressed rage since i was about seven years old. After some events that happened in my life, my subconscious turned this repressed rage into an alter ego (whose name is now Lazlow). I had a mental breakdown because of him, and i'm now dealing with about 14 personalities. But these days, it ain't too bad, i've learnt to control them.
    21. Kazikli Bey
      Kazikli Bey
      Yeah, not too bad. Little bit of a problem with my psychosis a short while ago, but everything is settled now. I'm wondering, how Islam? I mean, i don't find it unusual but it's not something i hear every day...
    22. Kazikli Bey
      Kazikli Bey
      Hey Ice, how are ya buddy? How's the new found faith going for you?
    23. i.beletesri
    24. tresha
      Merry late Christmas!!! My posting bud.....I'm so glad you're here, I know it's not a whole bunch, but still.....always glad to see you.
      Hope you had an awesome holiday.
    25. i.beletesri
      Actually, I'm the one who DID post reason and text.
      What I won't buy is people mischaracterizing/whitewashing Islamic text.
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