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Mar 4, 2014
Feb 25, 2009
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Mar 4, 2014
    1. speedingtime
      Are you the most mysterious man on PF?
    2. catalinacat
      No, Is it good?
    3. catalinacat
      I love your avatar
    4. Sonofodin
      Yeah, I'm a fan of ManOWar

      I got the name from the song "Sons of Odin"
    5. Flag
      what ya sayin
    6. Raskolnikov
      If one of those Republican candidates win you need to bail out of America, unless you are a fundamentalist christian.
    7. Raskolnikov
      The Irrational Will harnesses the rationality of consciousness. The Will spawns rationality but rationality is it's slave for were rationality to be total master it would mean the abolishment of the irrational impulses of the will.
    8. Raskolnikov
      Everything is inconsequential. The height of rationality is the death of the will.
    9. Raskolnikov
      Exoteric: Government is evil
      Esocteric: Government is inconsequential

      Is this the route of the libertarian?
    10. Taxpayer
      Just a heads up, the forum rules (primary rules #6) require consent from other forum members to use their quotes in your subject line. I have no idea if you asked for consent or not, just saw your sig and thought I'd share that with you in case you were unaware.
    11. Raskolnikov
      I enjoyed the symphony. Tell me, how do the exams compare to U.S. schooling? All the subjects are available here. IV means Irish version, EV means English version. I am anxious to know as education is a major issue for me.
    12. Raskolnikov
      I tend not to interfere with my dreams although I do if I get stuck in a rut. There can however be a sharp transition from dreaming to non-dr eaming (caused by a loud bang for example). Somethings this transition takes the form of a sharp band of pain across my head. Anyway, I must depart one of my friends is turning the big 20, no longer a teen
    13. Raskolnikov
      I have lucid dreams so I can't speak for anyone else. I can be consciously aware of surroundings while still dreaming.
    14. Raskolnikov
    15. Raskolnikov
      Ever puzzle out that one about the neutrality of murder?
    16. Raskolnikov
      If you're no longer a Marxist then was there a particular book (or whatever) that changed your mind?
    17. Raskolnikov
      You seem to have made it your goal to counter everything I say. I'm impressed by your resolve. Keep it up!
    18. Raskolnikov
      So what books specificially? Not that I'll be reading anything of that sort any time soon. Have had my fill for now.
    19. Raskolnikov
      I'm just surprised. I was never a Marxist and I'm fairly left-wing at the best of times. So, does that mean you read the books?
    20. Raskolnikov
      You're taking the (*)(*)(*)(*).
    21. Raskolnikov
      I've started a 1h 30 min commute recently so I decided to pop into a communist book store for something different to read. Political Economy of Growth by Paul Baran, Monopoly Capitalism by Paul Baran and Paul Sweezy and Labour and Monopoly Capital: The Degradation of Work in the 20th Century by Harry Braverman. Decent enough reads even if I'm not a Marxist.
    22. Raskolnikov
      I started to get incredibly annoyed the pettiness of most posts and so most of my subscribed threads were abruptly unsubscribed but.....hey this place is addictive, don't judge me!
    23. zollen
      Perhaps when you are old enough, you will learn to open your mind.
    24. Til the Last Drop
      Til the Last Drop
      Cool. Was just making sure. I like your opinion, didn't want you to think of me as troll material. I have plenty of people I don't agree with not on ignore. The ones that are, are people who get under my skin when debating. So many people get banned here, I'm just trying to avoid those that for some reason strike a nerve. Either being childish, derogatory, or in Reiver's case, too smug to bare. I'm nationalist, Anikdote extremely globalist. It's not that I think he is dumb by any means, but he can get very nasty and takes to me to a level I don't want to get banned for.
    25. Til the Last Drop
      Til the Last Drop
      Do you have me on ignore? lol just wondering
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    "The taking of a man's life shall be no more serious to us than the slaughter of cattle..." - :flagus: Heinrich Himmler :flagus:

    "I hate the ugly, hate the old, I hate the lame and weak, But more than all I hate the dead, that lie so still in their earthen bed, and never dare to rise" - Enoch Powell

    "not till a later epoch does he discern that all Power is Moral, that the grand point is the distinction for him of Good and Evil, of Thou shalt and Thou shalt not." - Thomas Carlyle